Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Roswell Bookbinding Field Trip

Today, I had the pleasure of taking my curious crew to see how books are made up close & personal! With a lot of books on the computer these days it seems like a lot of the appreciation for actual books has somewhat diminished, so I was very excited to show the ladies all the details that go into each & every book we read (such time, care, & hard work to craft every single one!). The 2 littlest members of our team had to stay behind because of all the machinery & loud sounds.
The girls had an absolutely wonderful & enlightening time seeing all the different ways books can be bound, how much work goes into restoring them, how foil embossing works, & so much more. It was an excellent field trip & I definitely recommend finding a book binding place near you to take your kiddos on a field trip to see everything! I am sure their are a lot of diy book binding crafts & story writing fun times in our future!
-M&M Momma

Good morning, Busy.

A2Zteam train time!

Will "work" for food

Now, on to the field trip!
Roswell Bookbinding

This book is bound by sewing (by hand)

Book restoration.

A family bible over 100 years old!

Foil embossing machine

How they make the stamps,
very hot metal.

The kiddos got to watch him
create an "Asher" stamp.

He made them all a foil Mickey Mouse with
their name on it, I mean...

TONS of book covers & pages!

Watching a book get sewn by a machine

The kiddos got to watch them glue together a cover!

Glue machine

Putting pages in order

So proud of their "personalized presents"

They even brought a Mickey home to sissy!
(and brother)

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Monday, September 15, 2014

Sunday Funday Pictures

We had a super nice & relaxed weekend (a very rare thing to say with 5 kiddos). We got to meet the girl's teeball coaches & I am very excited this season because it will be Aussie's first year playing any sport! But aside from that, just family r&r, some shopping with my ladies, & of course church! Let our busy week begin, woot woot!!!
-M&M Momma

How else would you begin a Saturday?
A trip to the mailbox with
a toddler in pjs tops it for me!

Let teeball season begin!
Meet the coach for A1, A2, & A3

always a cool and calm customer

Posing with their buddies

Who's ready for Sunday Funday!?