Monday, October 13, 2014

Happy 6th Birthday Aidann!

Aidy's last day being "5"

Ashy got to lead warm-up.
She was beyond thrilled!

1st tee ball season ever!

My aggressive player

Aidy brought cupcakes for her team
to celebrate her birthday!


Wearing his moose shirt.
Close enough to a reindeer right?

Time for the FROZEN Extravaganza!


Messing with their props for the show

FROZEN mania

Tired, but hanging in there

It was Princess Anna's birthday...Aidy was thrilled

Olaf's SUMMER song

Putting any fear in their snowballs to throw away forever!

"Let it go"


Special time with Anna

Olaf plus Aussie= Just perfect!

Glittter tattoos

Cousin's birthday...FROZEN


Waking up the birthday girl

One lucky dude

Enjoying lunch on the steps

Candy store time, one candy of her choice!

Bought something for her sisters too!

Choose gum! Only on birthdays.

Thoroughly enjoying the huge piano 

FROZEN everywhere! Thrilled.

Aussie found her favorite caterpillar

Signing her autograph

Toys R US fun

Celebrating with friends!

Blessed to have sooo many wonderful people in our lives!


Breakfast in bed!

From her brother and sisters

A relaxing morning enjoying it all!

Making cellphones out of newspaper pictures and
adding a FROZEN phone case with wrapping paper---lol!

Their new baby doll, lol

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