Monday, February 24, 2014

Sunday Funday Pictures and a Frozen Adventure

All ready for their Frozen adventure!

Elsa, Olaf, & Anna!

Waiting for the doors to open,
so patient.

They told me the sign was cold lol,
Didn't have the heart to tell them
it was because of the weather outside.

Anna showed them her princess pose

Absolutely thrilled!

All ready to paint Olaf!

My Elsa fan

Team Anna
(They really love all the characters
but we wanted to get all the plates lol)

Getting directions

Asher was BEYOND excited
she actually sat next to her
and talked to her!


Rolling down the hill-Addie tried lol

A few late "Love Day" gifts

Pooped...I mean really tired

Silly & all messy

Ready for church