Saturday, March 31, 2012

Adley Update...

Sorry, I have been a lil' nonexistent this past week. I unfortunately experienced some pre-term labor, but after 3 days in the hospital & a lot of medicine we were able to get everything under control & stop the labor. God is good!

Despite so many trials through my various pregnancies, we have been so blessed to come out victorious with wonderful lil' blessings & testimonies to show for it. It is so wonderful to be surrounded by so many great people in my life that are so encouraging, helpful, & uplifting. I appreciate you all so much & how much easier you have helped things to be! To my family-There are no words to express what you all have meant to me as well. The faithful Readers-Thank you all for sticking with me & Mud Pies & I am going to do my best to get back into everything!!!

-M&M Momma

Ha ha!

So on the craziest rainy day,
these wonderful women
came out for my surprise baby shower!
-Thanks for throwing it, Pam!

Waiting around to shock the stuffing out of me, lol!

The Lone Ranger, lol

Yes, I was SO surprised to walk into that.
Water still in tact

Aidy was surprised too!

Enjoying some yummy food too!

Hiding the In & Out shake I walked
in with.

Draw & guess game= Total Blast!

Cute game of Memory,
the cute baby phrase attached to candy bar.

Of course,
"Night of conception= Skor"

Tearing up for a second,
 trying to laugh it off

Game, "Who knows the most about Sarah"

2 Cute!

A WONDERFUL friend & host, Pam!

BEYOND grateful!