Monday, January 27, 2014

Outer Space & Poptarts

Recently, my girls have been showing an extra amount of interest in outer space, primarily Aidann. So, last Sunday when she was feeling a lil' under the weather, I took the opportunity to help her transform 1 of the huge boxes leftover from their new kitchen into a spaceship!

We used everything from foil, to styrafoam bowls, to the lids from water jugs, to an actual milk jug for her space helmet! Aidann was absolutely thrilled with the whole thing & kept coming up with great ideas for more things to add (I just had to figure out how to create each new idea she came up with lol). The other ladies were also thrilled with it when they got home, but trying to figure out how to make 3 other helmets without anymore milk jugs proved to be interesting lol.

In addition to making a spaceship, I also wanted to find some literature on space & what is the first book I came across, "How do you burp in space?". Funny title right? Sure to make lil' ladies giggle anyway. It is a fun book that has a lot of random information about how astronauts train, what they eat, what they pack, & so forth. It is kind of in a guide format for kiddos who think they would like to visit space someday. The kids loved it & kept asking me to read more (Its 80 pages people, lol). Their favorite page of course was the 1 that explains how astronauts use the bathroom, lol. Of course! I definitely recommend this book & building a rocket, just add in some information about planets & maybe build a mini model & you have got yourself a mini unit on space!

Now, on to poptarts! I am always looking for fun new foods to try with the kids & it is definitely a huge bonus when it is something they can participate in making. Well, our lil' Rosie fell asleep randomly in the middle of the day & so I decided it was a good opportunity to take on a new mini cooking project with the older 2 ladies (although, Addie was sure she would be a huge help in this task & wanted to join in). I am all for finding quick, easy, & not-so-processed breakfasts with 5 kiddos on those mornings where you have to get out quick & so I was super excited when I came across "make your own poptarts" on the internet.

Since it was my first time making these things & "free-time" is somewhat scarce these days, I took the easy way out & bought pie crusts as apposed to making my own (which I shall attempt next time when I am not cooking with preschoolers, lol). The recipe is SO easy & you can get creative on what you want to put into your poptarts. The girls had a blast doing it, they are obsessed with flour, & asked if we can make more again soon! I am officially SOLD! So many different filling options, they don't have to be all sugary like the real ones. Try them.

If you don't feel like looking it up on pinterest, homemade poptarts

More Filling Ideas

-M&M Momma

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Working on her skating skills

My lil' chef!
Didn't have the heart to tell
her that her leotard was upside-down

All done!

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Friday, January 24, 2014

A Great Reminder

This week was our 6 year wedding anniversary, school, Aidy & Ashy's 1st cheer practice, church, dear friends of ours just had their first lil' one, soccer sign-up, & Aussie & Addie's gym class...Definitely, a slow week, lol. But at last I have a few minutes to spare to write a quick post!

While on Facebook today, I came across an awesome article, it definitely had a great reminder in it about life & our relationships (not just with our significant other). Its so easy to get caught up in the hustle & bustle of life. We can get so stuck in our same day to day routine that we forget to really take in life & live it, to take genuine interest in the people around us & what is going on in their lives as well.

This article talked about how so often we ask questions just to "check off that box", rather then really wanting a genuine & true answer from someone. For instance, how often do we ask something like, "How are you doing?" or "How was your day?" out of plain habit? These questions often become just part of the routine with no real sincerity behind them.

I like how this article compels us to ask what we really want to know & also truly listen to the answers that are being given. Relationships are all about making connections & how can we do that if are not willing to take the time to invest & really get to know a person? I like how in this article, the woman & her husband are also taking the steps to teach their children REAL communication by modeling to them questioning beyond just "How was school today?". They ask things like, "Where there times you felt proud of yourself today?" or "Was their a time today you felt lonely?" & then really listen to the answers the child gives in return. This type of questioning speaks volumes to a someone & practically screams "I REALLY DO CARE". I ask you, what person doesn't like to feel that?

So, I not only encourage you to read this article, but take it to heart & apply it. It is an excellent reminder that relationships are like seeds that need maintance & care to grow properly & even thrive! I know with such a large family, it is definitely a good reminder for me. I want my whole family, every member, to feel that "connection" & know that we all truly care for each other & what is going on in each & every one of our lives daily!

The article can be found here:
The Questions That Will Save Your Relationships

-M&M Momma

Silly kid.

Our tea party feast!

Love these kiddos.


Meeting our friends' new baby

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