Saturday, September 29, 2012

Gettin' Our Shoppin' On!

Our focus today was on the grocery store/supermarket. I took part of 1 of their playrooms & converted it into a temporary store. We lined up all the grocery carts in the corner, had a produce department, bakery, check out, lil' paper & recyclable bags for groceries, & the whole 9...or so I thought. Once I showed the girls the store they were delighted, do not get me wrong, but they also asked if I could add in a "Banana Store" (Starbucks) like our main grocery store has-Lol. It all worked out well because we had just purchased the cutest lil' coffee maker from Toys R Us & the day before J's surgery we did our traditional trip to the banana store to enjoy some water & bananas & enjoy each others' company before hitting up the "Red Store". We had just settled down at our table when the barista asked if she could give the ladies a special treat. She had taken Starbucks shot glasses & filled them with milk, a lil' cream on top, & mini straws. Talk about completely thrilling to a 1, 2 & 3 year old! Well, we kept the lil' cups after rinsing them & now we had our very own "Banana Store"!

I read them a very cute & informative book I found about the different components of a grocery store & the various people who work there. I then got the chance to model shopping (showed them how you write a list & even using coupons lol), & then I modeled a few of the other positions at a grocery store (the baker, the one who stocks the shelves, the cashier, etc). It was super fun & provided hours of fun for the ladies! Eventually, I want to put a permit lil' shopping corner in 1 of their playroom by stuffing really grocery boxes & setting up a shelf & everything so stay tuned for that fun adventure!

Kids love imaginative play & can learn so much from it! Imitating real life & what grown-ups do is thrilling to them. Why not create a fake bank, salon, etc. I know I have talked about it before, but it is so true & so important. Next stop, a real grocery store field trip where they are going to first make their lists, help find all the items in the store, & then help mommy cook it!

Life is fun!!!

-M&M Momma


People watching, lol

Pure JOY!

Taking coffee making seriously!

How Aussie shops!

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Friday, September 28, 2012

Behind Closed Doors.....Lol

Recently, I have had a lot of people comment that my girls are just "so quiet & calm".....I then have to
turn around & see who on earth they must be talking about, because lil' do they know that these imaginative lil' angels are FULL of life-lol. I believe my girls know when they need to be more calm & use their "inside voices", but let me tell you that our house is constantly popping! There are always girls dancing around, plastic heels tapping about, singing, & giggles galore!!! Goodness, that is why I love this life so much! Here is a peek into what we get to experience every single day! :)
-M&M Momma



Wednesday, September 26, 2012

"B" Review

To kick off the “Letter ‘B’ Review”, we took our lil’ ladies out to see “Ballet Under the Stars”. This is a wonderful free show that Ballet Arizona puts on once a year for people to come out & with their lawn chairs & blankets to just enjoy dance. My girls were absolutely over the moon getting to see these wonderful ballerinas dance up close. Aidann is convinced she can be in point shoes in a few weeks like the big girls if she keeps practicing. I love her confidence! Asher’s eyes were just as wide as she realized that even “daddy dancers” exist. Lol.

A few days after the show (which was on a Saturday), I sat the girls down for our lesson. We opened it up with a book & a sing-along song, “The Wheels on the Bus”. After talking about how bus starts with a “b”, I had the girls go around the house looking for other items that made the same sound. The girls definitely enjoyed this activity. Next we went over a brief worksheet where the girls practiced identifying which items did & did not have the “buh” sound.

After worksheets, we got down to the real fun. Austin unfortunately fell asleep before this activity, but go to do it with me 1 on 1 later on in the day. This activity I found online that a kindergarten teacher uses to ease her new “Kinders” into math & utilizing their skills of observation (Ball Activity). It was just kind of a bonus that is involves balls which start with “b”!

I took out a big bucket filled with various types & sizes of balls. I then blindfolded the girls & they each selected one. I then had the girls look at the ball they had selected & describe it to me so I could write down all their thoughts. They observed things like color, how it felt, size, weight & so forth. I had them take a moment to sketch their ball on a worksheet I had quickly put together. For their 3rd task on the worksheet I had them compare their balls. Again they focused on the difference or similarities in shape, size, color, texture, & then they even tested to see who’s rolled faster across the carpet or would hit the ground first if they dropped them at the same time.

Once the 3rd item on their worksheets was completed, the girls dumped out all the balls & tried to group them together in different ways. One time they put them together according to sizes & then another time they grouped them according to colors. After this they wanted to race all the balls across the floor which was really fun to do!

The next day for “B”, after enjoying some bug shaped mac & cheese (in the organic aisle of Frys), we went outside & blew some bubbles. Of course the kids had a blast with that. There is just something about kids & bubbles! I had also purchased some bubble wrap & they thought popping those with their feet & between their lil’ fingers was so fun (not Austin quite as much). We even used cut squares of bubbles wrap to stamp pictures with paint onto our papers. I found that activity on You can search it, I am sure. While outside, we noticed a next up in our tree & got to also observe the birds flying in & out. That was cool for the kids to see & definitely a lot less stressful than when we observed an anthill for “A”, lol. Well, after all outside activities were finally completed, they got to experience a nice long bubble bath-haha!

Overall, “B” week was pretty awesome & I am definitely looking forward to “C”!

-M&M Momma
Ballet Under the Stars!

A pictures of Asher's ball.
She got way into it!

By sizes



Rolling test!

On their bouncy balls!

Yes, even in heels!


The nest

Somehow fingers got in the mix
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