Monday, March 26, 2012

Shamrock Farm Tour

Saturday we finally took our long planned trip to visit the cows at Shamrock Farms. For weeks we have been reading books about cows, art projects, & we even watched a video about how to milk a cow. The girls were so excited as they watched the days become less & less on their calendar until the day finally arrived!

The night before all the girls participated in packing their own special lunches, even down to spreading on their own Miracle Whip & squirting on their mustard. After lunches were packed, we then put together a busy bag/diaper bag complete with some princess Color Wonder pages & markers (no mess!) & back up clothing galore.

The next day the girls were so excited to start the approximately 2 hour drive. They did really well. It was only until after we had set off on our marvelous adventure that I realized our beautifully packed lunches were still in the fridge. I totally blame pregnant brain. Luckily, we can across a Bashas in nowhere land & I was able to put something together really quick.

We arrived just early enough the girls could look around the souvenir shop & get a lil' more comfortable with the very fun & a lil' over stimulating (for a 1,2, and 3 year old) environment. The tour guide began the tour about 15 minutes later & the girls excitedly boarded the tram.

The tour guide was great & so was the group of people we were with. The tour was very informative & fun at the same time, even lil' Austin had an absolute blast! They got to see all the different things cows eat, play on an adorable milk product inspired playground, see the cows being milked by the machines, watch a short video about the whole journey of milk, we got to drive right through where the cows were chomping away, & even go to the nursery & feed the baby calves. That was super fun to watch the girls, they handled it like pros!

After the tour was over, we all got to pick up our own 12oz flavored milk to go with our lunches. The girls loved that. After they finished eating, we treated them to their own yummy Shamrock Farm ice cream. This sent them over the moon for sure if they were not already there. After eating they also had some fun lil' interactive games set up for the kids to mess around with.

Overall, this is a wonderful lil' field trip to take your lil' ones on. I had been there plenty of times before, but once you are a mommy you see it through totally new eyes. It is a very far drive, but it is well worth it when you see the clean environment (as clean as a cow farm could be lol) & the quality put behind the overall tour. I liked how you could pack your own lunches or buy food there at pretty reasonable prices. I think all ages can get something out of it, even J & I had fun! I would recommend going before summer only because heat & cow poop might not mix very well, lol. Throughout the year they offer different fun activities for various holidays, their most popular being Christmas of course.


You must make reservations to come on tour. Make reservations online or call 602-477-2462
The tour lasts about 60 minutes and is given in an open-air tram that takes you around the working dairy farm. Welcome to bring your own lunch or purchase food there.

-M&M Momma

Adults - $9.00
Military - $7.50
Seniors (60+) - $7.50
Children 12 and under - $6.00
Children under 2 years old (must sit in your lap on tram) - Free

Making lunches

Official taste tester I guess, lol

My lil' helper making her sandwhich
for the next day

Overstimulated at 1st, lol

Just shopping

Priceless, Aidann.

"Oh, Daddy!"

Riding on the cow tram.

Just driving, making some deliveries.
No biggie!

Messing with the cow milking machine

Cottage cheese slide!

Ringing the bell, accomplished the maze!

Asher caught mid-sneeze, awesome!

Watching cows get milked

Watching video on how
milk is packaged & shipped

The lady kept saying, "Smells like money",
but all this pregnant woman could smell
was POOP!

Feeding a calf

The end of the tour &
just about ready to eat!

Eyeing her tasty vanilla milk

Enjoying some lunch

Chocolate of course.
Thank goodness for bibs!

Tired out on the way home


  1. Awsome. They are so blessed to have you as their Mom!

  2. Thank you so much! I am so blessed to have them as my kiddos, truly.