Saturday, June 29, 2013

Creating An Unforgettable 4th 4 The Lil' 1's: Crafts, Activities, & Food!

So, the 4th of July is right around the corner, so I thought I would throw out some fun ideas you could do with your kiddos to build up to the big day & make the actual 4th even better!!! There are tons more ideas out there, but here is a start...ENJOY!

-M&M Momma


-DIY 4th Shirt:

-Fireworks in a Jar:

-Lawn Flour Stars:

-Patriotic Handprint & Flag:

Glow Stick Night Hunt:
Parents throw and hide glow sticks around the yard and the kids gather them as fast as they can. Inexpensive & fun!!!

-Cake Vs. Pie:
Fun activity for a 4th of July party where people get to have a lil' democratic fun & vote on cake vs. pie.


-Fruit Skewers:
Have your kiddos make their own patriotic kebabs out of strawberries, blueberries, and mini marshmallows. It is a fun snack they can have fun making themselves (supervised because of skewers of course) & it can help them practice patterns at the same time!!!

-Rice Krispy Stars on a Stick:
Just follow your classic Rice Krispy Treat recipe and then use cookie cutters, popsicle sticks, & sprinkles to create this fun snack with your kiddos!

 -4th of July Cake

-Patriotic Toast

Patriotic Taco Salad:

-4th of July Rocket Dogs:

-S'Mores on a Stick:

Watermelon Ice Cream:

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Friday, June 28, 2013

The A-Team's 1st Circus!!!!

Today I had the pleasure of taking my lil' ladies to attend their very first circus!!! For months now it has been all they have been talking about & now that they have actually gotten to experience it I am sure they will continue gushing about it! In fact, it is technically their nap time right now while I am writing this & I can hear them "playing circus". One apparently just got shot out of a cannon, lol.

We arrived early enough to enjoy the pre-show. It was such a fun experience for the girls to be able to go on the floor & see the animals & acts up close & personal. If you get tickets, it is definitely worth showing up that hour early. I think the highlight of it all for Aidann was watching an elephant paint a picture with his trunk. She thought it was hilarious & could not stop talking about it!. "Mom, elephants can do anything!!!!".

After the pre-show, we settled into our seats & got ready for the real action to begin. Ringling Bros & Barnum Bailey definitely lives up to the hype once again. I have yet to be disappointed by 1 of their shows. I did not like how at 1 point they made it "boys vs girls" teams, but my kids are young & it went over their heads. BUT happy to state that in the end they concluded that everyone is wonderful & teamwork is the best policy. It was nothing huge that a lil' recap/clarifying talk from mommy & daddy could not clear up, but as a mommy I did want to throw that out there. But it was an awesome construction theme & had a variety of so many acts & my kiddos favorite parts involved the animals. The girls loved the non-stop action, loud music, crazy lights, & everything were so fun! Adley really enjoyed it too & the continuous clapping & all the "das" (aka "dogs) kept her excited! Toward the end though she was more than ready for bed & soon passed out at the back of the stadium with daddy before the finale (We went to the 11am show which I highly recommend over a night show!).

I do not want my kiddos to always think they "NEED" to get something at every event we go to, but today was 1 of the days we did get them a few things to share. They got an adorable mommy & baby elephant doll set to share, 1 light up spinning toy, & they shared a yummy snow cone in a collectible elephant cup. As long as they appreciate the lil' things, can share sometimes, & do not complain or have a bad attitude about the times they do not get something, its all good!!!

Overall, it was a great experience & I feel so blessed I got to enjoy it with all of them & Super J! These are memories they will not soon forget or myself, enriching & exciting!!! Definitely take time out to enjoy the circus this year if you can.

Well, have an awesome & safe weekend all!!!

-M&M Momma

P.S. The ladies just recently got to participate in a photo shoot. Check out the A-team at Tiffany J Studios on Facebook-Awesome job!

Getting some cheesin' in before
the pre-show begins!!!

checking out the merchandise

Time for the pre-show!
It was a blast!!!!

Sporting some circus gear

Watching the dancers, clowns,
elephants, & more!

Completely entertained!

Dancing Adley!

By far their favorite.
The elephant played kickball, painted,
& ate marshmallows!!!

Getting ready for the show to begin

Adley loved the music & clapping lol.

"What? I didn't take a bite, mama?"

Loving their new spinning light!

Taking a walking break

Look who we found, lol!?!

Showing their new elephant buddies some love:
Ringo & Star

Family, nothing beats this life!

She tried to hang in there,
but it was WAY passed nap!

Tired out!

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