Friday, July 29, 2011

My Passion

During swimming lessons today, there was a newer dad attending the class with his lil' girl. From the moment their toes hit the water, you could tell who the real boss was. With each new exercise we were asked to do, the dad had to beg & plead with his daughter to comply & even then she would roll her eyes & fight tooth & nail against him. Now, do not get me wrong, I was not sitting there judging the guy like "Man, he needs to get his crap together!". Far from actually. I felt sorry for him on a level. He is a single dad & really has no clue that parenting does not have to be that challenging constantly. He has no real tools or experience & is basically just doing his very best to try to keep the 2 of their heads above water (figuratively & literally).
My passion with this blog is not only to chronicle my lil' ladies lives, giving them something to look back on when they are older, but also to do my best to try & help even just 1 parent. Raising up lil' ones is definitely not the easiest job in the world, but it can definitely be the most rewarding & life changing.  Kids are eager lil' sponges who long for boundaries & structure, it shows them that we love them & care for them. I think much too often we underestimate what a child is capable of & therefore let them get away with behaviors that are going to grow into something far worse later on. I also think at times it is hard to stay consistent with disciplining our kids & staying nearby to correct them when needed, but it is very necessary & will definitely pay off in the end.

I think parents need to know that they aren't the only 1 out there who feels overwhelmed or discouraged from time to time. Parents need to know that their child is not the only one who has gone through this stage or that. We all need to stick together, encourage, & help each other out where we can. If I can even reach 1 parent, then that makes me glad!

-M&M Momma

Getting ready for church

At church

Can I Marry You, Mommy?

Just when I thought my heart could not melt anymore, on our way to our lil' water play date today my lil' 2 1/2 year old asked, "Can I marry you, Mommy?'. "I want to kiss with you, hold your hand, dance with you, eat cake, & go to a castle with you like Dada did". She had just watched our wedding video again & WOW did she really take it in this time around. You could tell it really impacted her in a big, but also really good way! "We won't cry though, Mommy" (like I did with my dad during the father daughter dance. "We will be so happy together, Mommy. And take lots & lots of pictures!!! We can be princesses". Boy, was that a lil' mouthful, but it makes me happy that my husband & I were able to help her set up a big vision & standard for her future. 3 ladies, wow. That will be a very interesting day!

-M&M Momma

Movie night with
special ice cream!

Post Aid dripping
chocolate ice cream everywhere
(on accident of course)