Thursday, May 30, 2013

Long Lost 2nd Day At Legoland Pictures

Looking through my photo card, I just realized I never posted the pictures from our 2nd day at Legoland (3rd day in California). Its a lil' late, but better late than never. Again, I can't even say enough what a great place this is to visit for the younger audience. The girls are still asking when we are going to go back!

-M&M Momma

P.S. Pics of our first day at Legoland!

Started day #2 at the lego aquarium

Lego aquarium family fun!

Boy, I sure had to hide my...apprehension.
They all petted him though &
so did I!

A turtle secret.

Looking through a bubble

Puppet time!

Building time!

Time to race her creation on the track!

On a "big girl" ride.
SO FUN getting to splash
them with water!!!

My princesses posing with a princess

Experiencing THE fort

Experiencing APPLE FRIES!

After riding their first roller coaster!

Ready to watch the firefighter show

Aidann got picked to
push the special button!!!