Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Vacation-Okay, I Get It

Okay okay okay. As much as it truly does pain me, I will head my friends & family's advice & unplug. I will be back blogging on Friday when I return so hopefully I will "see" you all then. If you haven't officially joined, please also feel free to do so while I am away! :)

-M&M Momma

Monday, May 30, 2011

Packing Swimsuits & Clothes & Bows-OH MY!

Well, tomorrow is the day & I can definitely say I had no idea how much
packing for 3 lil' girls would require when you add in a lil' OCD on the side.
I have the itinerary for each day written out along with the outfits &
other items each activity/event will require. I am talking down to the socks! 1
suitcase? Ha! I need a bag for snacks & of course an activity bag. Multiple
swimsuits are also a must for California which requires the matching
cover-ups & towels. And YES, I have a separate suitcase for....Don't laugh,
Well, I am officially excited & approaching the half way packed
point...Lol. Packing for me & Justin is definitely going to be the easy
part. I am seriously very excited though, between marriage & going straight
into 3 pregnancies we have only been able to squeeze in 1 vacation as a married
couple (Aidann was almost 1 & I was 33 weeks pregnant lol). But here we go
with our 2nd vacation. Life is good & God is good! Have a great
Memorial Day all!!!

-M&M Momma

Feeling all 33 wks preg 2!

Whatever should
I do with my hair?!

Melted Me + 2 Activities

We were headed over to 1 of my girlfriends from high school's house & we had to stop by the store really quick to pick up a lil' something sweet to take with us. The ladies & I were waiting patiently in the car when suddenly Aidann shouted excitedly, "Look at the trees, Mommy!!! They are dancing around for Jesus. I want to dance for Jesus too!". The wind was blowing the trees wildly & they sure did look like they were dancing. How sweet..... Melted me.
So, 2 quick ideas for something fun to do with your kiddos...
#1: Why not build a HUGE tent in the living room & an extra special snack on the side to spice up movie night? Be sure to make it big because they are sure to invite you inside & NO ONE wants to have to call 9-1-1 because mommy is stuck in the fort again, lol.
#2: Trace your kids bodies! They will absolutely love this activity. Today after enjoying so Popsicles we traced everyone out on the driveway, even Austin! The girls loved changing the position of their bodies & seeing how it changed their tracing each time. You can also get poster board or butcher paper to make it an inside activity.
I have pictures for all this stuff, but I already packed the camera. I will definitely update this post with pictures from these 2 activities in the next few days.
-M&M Momma

Saturday, May 28, 2011


So, I think PREPARATION is a very important. It is yet another necessary key in raising up secure & well-adjusted toddlers/kids. Its during these early years they in the beginning stages of learning to cope with disappointment, not always getting their way, being patient, & all of that other good stuff that they sometimes have the tendency to be somewhat dramatic about. If we do our best as parents to incorporate "preparation" where ever possible, we can make pushing through these other new things a lot easier on everyone. Helping to raise our kids emotional quotient (handle their emotions/ability to deal) by preparing them ahead of time just requires a lil' extra effort & creativity sometimes.
For example, just recently 1 of my daughters had to have surgery. About a month before my husband & I at least twice a day began to explain to her (in kid friendly language of course, you don't have to get all graphic) the process of what was going to happen to her & when she woke up how mommy & daddy would be right there to hold her. By the time the day of the surgery arrived, she handled the whole thing like a champion & was not afraid because she kind of already had an idea what to expect & knew the surgery was necessary. This story is of course on the extreme side of preparing your kid, but you can also do lil' things like giving them a 10 & then 5 minute warning before it is going to be time to leave the park or a friend's house. Over time this lil' effort on your behalf will help your toddler learn to deal & understand it is not the end of the world & as you continue to do this I am telling you that the likelihood of crying or trying to throw a tantrum will become more & more rare. Say you are letting your kid eat cookies, it just takes that lil' extra effort to tell them, "Now this is your last 1, ok? Again, you are helping them to learn how to cope.

Well, we leave Tuesday & I am so excited to see their reactions to the ocean & all the other California adventures that lay ahead next week!

-M&M Momma

The train had a loud "Choo Choo"
She LOVED the water fun!
With Papa & Mema

I am in LOVE
My Goofballs!