Saturday, February 27, 2016

Where Have We Been?!?!

Well, since having our lil' Zane Elias back in may I kept telling myself there would be a point that life would settle down just a little bit so I could get back to my blogging. BOY, was I wrong! Life has just gotten busier & busier so I have finally made myself sit down & finally get another post out there. I love writing. It is truly a passion of mine & it will give our kiddos an opportunity to look back at our many many adventures!

So, what have we been up to since October? The better question is honestly.

Aidann: She is still heavily involved in dancing (tap, tumbling, & ballet is still her favorite). She just recently enjoyed a dance parade with her sisters. She has been losing teeth left & right. She enjoys school, especially math & reading. She also is doing swimming. This fall was her last teeball season, but she is now preparing to take on soccer again with Ashy & Aussie. She celebrated her 7th birthday back in October with a girly sweet treats theme with her sisters and friends. There was a lot of makeovers & yummy treat decorating action going on there. Aidy also got to host her very first sleepover! She enjoys cooking a great deal & loves helping her dad & I cook. She hopes to start sewing lessons soon as well. She loves riding her big girl back as often as she can.

Asher still adores all things cars! Recently remote control monster trucks have become her absolute favorite thing. She enjoys school & is improving every day at reading. Art & building are her favorite pastimes. She is still taking a combo dance class, but her real passion is gymnastics. She has recently moved to a more serious gym & will be joining team as soon as soccer is over. Swimming is also a fun activity she enjoys & has been accelerating at very quickly. She absolutely enjoys her brothers, especially helping out with Zane. She is definitely a mini-mama like I was at her age. Ashy just recently learned to ride her bike without training wheels & loves it. She celebrated her 6th birthday with a Cars party with her brother Zye who turned 2.

Aussie is still her same happy go lucky self. She is currently involved in a combo dance class, , gymnastic, swimming, and is about to start up another soccer season. She recently turned 5 & had a la-la-lovely Lalaloopsy party at her favorite fro-yo place with friends. She has really started to come into her own & has recently started to develop a sweet little bond with Addie. She also got a new pair of glasses with "minnie mouse polka dots".

Addie is about to turn 4 & is super excited about it while mommy remains in complete denial over the whole thing. She is really enjoying her first year of ballet & is definitely going to be a performer whether it turns out to be in dance, singing, or acting. She is WAY into the twins dolls & double stroller we bought her this Christmas. These babies go everywhere & she even buys them real diapers, baby clothes, & baby snacks lol. This lil' girl is committed & it is such an awesome thing to watch! She is embracing her role as the big sister to Zye & Zane more & more every day. She is extremely helpful & is really starting to understand her perfect place in our family.

Zye...What can I say? I am very happy I have my 4 ladies, but this whole boy thing is really something special too. He loves his daddy, but him & I have our own special thing going on too. Random hugs in the middle of the day & unprompted "You look so pretty, Mama" comments, its enough to just melt you. He is still very into all things cars & superheroes, but he has recently learned about "Blaze & the Monster Machines". He is a fanatic for sure. All you have to do is start up the theme song & that boy will drop everything & come running, grinning from ear to ear. He is a big fan of animals like his daddy was as a lil' boy. He has a fashion sense all his own & adores his hat & beanie collection (first thing he puts on in the morning). He also recently had his first dentist appointment with his other 4 siblings, no cavities! He is an awesome big brother to Zane & extremely protective. He loves to run around, drive his motorized fire truck (like daddy), & throw balls but this lil' guys is also the sweetest guy I have ever met. He is extremely loving & polite.

Zane is turning 9 months in a few days!?! Where has the time gone, he just got here right? He is definitely a busy lil' guy & ready to be in the mix already. Sitting up, crawling, pulling up on furniture, & all those milestones he has been conquering like a boss way too quickly. He is ready to walk already, but mommy is SO not. Birthday planning is already in full swing for his first & it is definitely a bittersweet spot for me. It is my last first birthday ever! Self-Pep-Talk: "Ugh, don't start crying now". I am head over heels for this lil' stud & he is definitely the cherry on top & the perfect end to our lil' team.

This life has been just the best thing I ever could have imagined, but recently it has just been getting better & better. We have been traveling a lot (Disneyland, Utah for Thanksgiving, Las Vegas, etc), homeschooling, serving God, doing a lot of extra curricular activities, exploring & conquering new places/adventures & I just look forward to once again being able to share all of it with YOU.

We're back!

-M&M Momma