Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Adley's Journey: Here 2 Home

Can you tell how excited I was (1 minute before pushing)
Can you tell how tired J was (just woke him up lol)

Yes, zebra socks to bring the
new baby into the world

Weighing in at 7lbs, 18.25 inches long

Proud daddy!

Over the moon!

Mommy can't have all the fun,
let daddy feed her while I rested

First meeting....

Hospital food, yummy


Daddy volunteered for 1st diaper..Poopie
All up the back yikes!

Long day
Aunt Nora

Papa & Aunt Mary

With her Papa

Presents for mommy!

Big Sisters!

Aidy & Aussie

Thank you everyone!

Adley is loved :)

Just in case she forgets ha ha

You would never guess Daddy
dressed them & did their hair...
Super Daddy!

Headed to the van

Family of 6, wow!

Enough toys girls, lol?

Spot the baby haha

Taking a moment out for Aussie

Ready for bed...
First night home.

Bow-less, hat-less