Saturday, February 26, 2011

Eating Rocks, Diaper Explosion, & Licking the Carpet?!?

Today was definitely an eventful day. Justin had to work, so I took a lil' break from unpacking to spend some real & much needed quality time with my ladies. Aside from our normal routine, I decided to take the ladies out into the backyard with some toy animals & dinosaurs & let their imaginations run away with them. We had a blast making the animals crawl through the grass & rocks. Asher especially enjoyed it. It was so cute hearing her make the animals growl & everything! We filled Tupperware up with water to make the animals take baths in & for the animals to drink out of. Aidann loved filling the tupperware with rocks & dirt, I kept catching Asher trying to eat the rocks!?!  "Spit it out!" I had to say 1 too many times. Then I guess she figured since I can't eat the rocks, I'll drink the dirt filled water instead. That girl is sooo fast I swear. Gross...
Later on in the day I was upstairs changing the baby's diaper. Let me just state before I continue, that my husband warned me about stopping this bad habit. Anyway. I tend to throw/chuck diapers (after I change them & wrap them up) down the stairs. I mean, if the girls are upstairs with me I am not just going to leave them up there alone, go throw away the diaper downstairs, & then go back up. Its so much easier & safer for me to just chuck them down the stairs & then put them in the trash once I get back down there. Well.... Today I threw 1 down there onto the tile, despite my husband's warnings, & it exploded all over!?!?! Let me tell you, it WAS NOT easy to clean up. I wanted to cry!
If you thought that was the ultimate highlight of my day, you would SOOO be wrong. Well, I put my ladies into 1 of the playrooms to play later on in the afternoon. I decided to go make some oatmeal, but I heard the girls & they were doing so well just playing on their own that I decided to give them some fun books to play with. Anyway, I went in there & found myself reading to them for a lil' while. My stomach soon reminded me I was still hungry for my oatmeal. I was sitting there eating my oatmeal, when suddenly I realized the playroom had gone completelyqiet. If you are a mom, you know this is not usually a good thing. Well, I quickly got up & went to check on the girls. Picture this, there is Aidann throwing dried up oatmeal up into the air like confetti & there is Asher licking the dried oatmeal off the carpet-OMG! Apparently, I had brought the can of oatmeal into the playroom with me when I dropped off the books. Good 1 Mommy!
Well, that was my day in a nutshell.... Haha, but I wouldn't trade these girls or these crazy moments for the world. In the words of Kate Gosselin, "Its a crazy life, but its out life"!
-M&M Momma
Where is the baby?

There she is!

Playing with the dinos & animals

Sporting her funky hat!

If only you could hear the Asher-made
sound effects! Sooo cute!

Post drinking the nasty water we
just put rocks & dirt in. She's quick!

Real nice.....Hoover time.
Her sisters' covered her with stuffed friends

Friday, February 25, 2011


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-M&M Momma

Like Weeds...

So the girls have their Elmo potty in their playroom for my older daughter to use at her own discretion (Asher knows better then to mess with it...Usually). Well, I had walked passed the playroom once & Aidann was using it. I waited a few minutes & then came back to clean her up when I suddenly noticed that potty was not the only addition to the toilet. "Aidann, did you put the doggie  (small plastic one) in the potty?". "No" She replied, "It was Asher". I turn to Asher now, "Ashy, did you put the doggie in the potty chair?". "Yes" she replied so matterofactly, "He had to go potty bad"....Oh my word! Anyway, I better get on to the topic of today's post......This morning as I washed what felt like gallons of oatmeal from my curly top Asher's hair, I began to think about how quickly kids grow. It is so true what they say, "Kids grow like weeds". It feels like just yesterday I had my 1st lady, her lil' 5lb 12 oz self with like zero body fat just laying there in my arms. (Tear) This weekend I had to go out & buy that same baby size 7 shoes & 3T clothes! Then today I found myself packing away my 3rd lil' girl's newborn clothes!!!Time flies, we need to cherish everything. I think sometimes we get so caught up with life that we forget we can just put the laundry or dishes on pause & get down on the floor & play with our kids. It means so much to them when we can dedicate that lil' amount of time & give them that 1 on 1 focus. I was on the phone just chit chatting away when Aidann asked me, "Mommy, can we sing?". I stopped for a second, this  phone conversation could wait for a lil' while, but my 2 year old won't always be there (at this age & time). So, I let the person go & had a great time just singing with my lil' girl.Lets all just make that lil' bit of extra effort to give our kids that time they crave. We need to cherish those lil' things because before we know it, they will just be a distance memory. Lets live life with the fewest regrets possible!

M&M Momma

Aidann put on one
of her lil' sister's
headbands because it was
"Sooooo cute"

Still unpacking and couldn't find
mittens. Yes, those are socks on
her lil' hands.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Patience is such an important & very necessary quality to to have as a parent. You need it when you ask your young child to do anything, when getting ready to go out somewhere, when potty training, when disciplining them, & so many other times. Its definitely not always easy, but with time hopefully we are becoming more & more patient with our children & ourselves. When you're frustrated, your child will become more frustrated & it will ultimately just make things worse all around.

Patience is also a quality we must teach our children. I remember how mad Aidann would get when she was younger & could not figure out how to work something. She would start screaming & just throw the toy or whatever it was in frustration. Even at that young age I would have to tell her "No, patience. Don't give up, keep trying. You can do it!" (and of course that throwing is not okay). With time she learned that behavior was not acceptable & if she would just keep trying she would eventually get it or ask for a lil' help.
When you have multiple kids, learning to wait is a MUST. When you just have 1 kid, they usually don't have to wait very long for what they want/need. But as more brothers & sisters come, the child with the more immediate need has to come 1st."I know you would like more milk, but 1st mommy needs to feed your brother the rest of this bottle".

Patience is a quality that will be useful to your children now & even more so in the future. Sometimes I purpose to not jump into action every time 1 of my kids asks for something because I am really not doing them any favors in the long run. I actually taught my kids a song to remind them, especially when they start to get a lil' upset that they must wait a minute or 2.
"Have patience, have patience. Don't be in such a hurry. When you get impatient,
 you only start to worry. Remember, remember that God is patient too. And think
 of all the times when others have to wait for you." 
By: Music Machine (Youtube it to get the tune) 
-M&M Momma
Good Morning, Ladies!


Updated "FREE IN AZ" tab (Sorry so late, unpacking). Added activity to "Fun 4 Lil Ones" tab.-M&M Momma

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Unpacking, When Will It Ever End?


Sorry I haven't posted the last 2 days. We are no longer spread between 2 houses & now officially in one. It is definitely my dream house, but the unpacking...Not so much. I know I am going to have some awesome legs though after all these trips up and down my built in Stair Master! Lol. Well, I promise to make up for it tomorrow. Thank you to everyone that has stayed so faithful to reading my blog so regularly. Please, take this opportunity to "follow" me. You don't have to have an actual google email address or anything. The more the merrier. I really do apprecaiate it & all of you have a fantastic night!

-M&M Momma

P.S. Please also feel free to comment on any of the posts/stories I have up. I love hearing all of your feedback!

Made box houses to
amuse the girls
while we unpacked!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Singing in the Rain...Then Falling in it!

I was trying to keep my girls busy while their daddy finished up painting. Aidann suddenly runs near the front door, points up at the little rack wear hats, coats, keys, & etc. hang & started yelling & pointing excitedly , "Broola, broola, please!". I don't want to toot my own horn but I am usually an expert at translating the 2 yr. old dialect back to English, but this 1 even took me a few minutes to figure out. "Oh....Umbrella!", it finally hit me. We had been watching the rain from the window for awhile now & the girls were really loving it, so I decided why not take them out for a few minutes. Aside from an umbrella, I recommend that every kid get to experience the pure joy & satisfaction that comes with owing their very own goulashes! Asher absolutely loves her alligator boots & Aidy enjoys sporting her Miss Spider ones (Probably because they match her umbrella...Girly girls haha!). Well, after throwing on their jackets & boots, outside we went. Aidann loved being out there, but refused to get out from underneath her "broola" for even a second. As for Asher, she was the total opposite & loved the feeling of the rain running down her face, stomping through the puddles, & trying to drink the water from the curb! Yucky! Bath water & now curb water, what next!?!?

Later on when the rain had stopped, we went to the park to play. Of course Aidy still wanted to sport her boots (even though sneakers would have been a lot easier to get around in). Well, there is a big hill at the playground & after going up & down the slide several times she decided  she wanted to run around. After spinning in a couple circles & jumping in a couple lil' puddles, she decided to run down that hill fast as lightning. At 1st I thought nothing of it, until I saw the HUGE puddle that had gathered at the bottom of it, but before I could say a word all I heard was "Puddle!" then SPLASH!!! She hopped up out of that cold water sooo fast & starting laughing. Of course you want to flip out over things like that, but there was no danger & she is just a kids. Thats the good stuff childhood is made out of, you know? "Was that fun?", I asked her. "Yeah, there were fish!", she replied (There wasn't really, but that was pretty funny).

-M&M Momma

Date Night is a MUST!

Do you ever feel like you & your husband are almost like 2 ships passing in the night? You finally get all the kids fed, bathed, teeth brushed, in their pajamas, stories read, all tucked in, & after all that the only thing you really want to do is go to sleep yourself. Its sad, but sometimes it is a reality. There are simply not enough hours in the day sometimes or not enough energy left from your last cup of coffee. My husband & I definitely try to make a conscious effort to check in with each other after the kids are all in bed, even if its only for a half hour (and no watching television together does not count as real quality time). I love my children with every fiber of my being, but I also know the value of taking time to focus on my husband. He needs it, I need it, & we need it. After all, the kids won't always be there. When they are all grown up & leave the nest I don't want my husband & I to look at each other & say "What are we doing here, why are we together again?". I genuinely enjoy his company & I don't want to forget that.

I think having date night is a MUST for parents! It is such a valuable thing to be able to give each other that undivided attention without any children interrupting. It also is so refreshing just being able to throw off the sweats, let down your hair, & get all dolled up for your man. It makes you remember you are not just a mommy, but also still a sexy lady! It does not always have to be something way outrageous & expensive either. The important thing is that the cell phones go off & its just you & him getting to spend time on yourselves. Marriage on its own is a ton of work, but when you add in children it has the potential to make it that much more challenging-but also that much more rewarding! So try to prioritize 1 or 2 times a month you can spend quality time together, you will not regret it!

-M&M Momma

Taking time out from
painting to
hang out with
 Austin Rose

A surprise
date night!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Its Not All About You

Asher somehow managed to cut her lip on a cardboard box. She started crying & ran to me to hold her. Aidann suddenly jumped up & dashed over to the refrigerator, swung it open, & shouted "Hurry, she needs some yogurt!". It was soooo cute. She ran back with a Go-gurt for her sister & gave her a big hug.

I think it is so important that we encourage our children to go outside themselves & develop a compassion for others. It starts with us, the parents, modeling the behaviors/attitudes that we would like to see in our children. Things as simple as holding the door open for someone else, picking up a paper that somebody drops, etc. Our kids are always watching, even when it appears they are not.

In my family, I try to involve my girls as much as possible with caring for others. If their sister gets hurt, I have them stop whatever they are doing & ask, "Are you okay?". If there is a big mess on the floor sometimes I will ask them, "Can you help, Mommy?". If it is someone else's birthday, I have them participate in picking out a gift for someone else. I think these lil' things play a huge role in cultivating children that genuinely care for others. After all, its not always just about them, its about helping & reaching out.

As I my children grow older, I am noticing them now taking what my husband & I have taught them to whole new levels. They initiate caring for others all on their own & I can tell that its coming 100 percent from their hearts. If Austin is crying, Aidann & Asher will immediately hop into action to try & soothe her. When a kid gets hurt, even if they don't know them, they ask "Are you okay?". It's such a beautiful & genuine thing!

-M&M Momma

Austin's bedhead!

Aidann helping wash her sister, Austin.

Ash wants to help too!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Friend or Parent? You Can't Be Both.

Recently, Billy Ray Cyrus said in a nutshell that 1 of his biggest regrets was caring more about being Miley Cyrus' friend rather than her parent. This is my inspiration for tonight's blog. I think often times as parents we think more about the immediate results rather than future consequences. Usually the immediate also equals the easiest thing, but not always the right thing. If your child throws a fit/whines, especially out in public, it is sooo much easier to just give them what they want to make them be quiet & stop embarrassing you. Its so much easier to not get up & discipline your child for that 3rd or 4th time they do the very same thing you have been telling them to stop doing! If "easy" is what you are looking for, then parenting is definitely the wrong profession.

Parenting is an every day effort that you can't slack on! It is our duty to make sure our children are held accountable for their actions/choices each & every time from a very young age. If not, then when they grow up its going to be such a rude awakening for you & them. We need to look past the "right now"/short term & step up to the plate. Our kids definitely are not going to understand all the time or like us for correcting them, but you have to remember that is just in the short term. In the future all the work you have put in will GREATLY pay off & your child will respect you more for it!

If your child was to run out into a busy street, there is no way you would just let them go. NO! You immediately grab them & correct them. They may not know the potential dangers that could occur in that busy street, but you do & you care about them. You wouldn't even take a second to stop & say, "Well, its what they want to do so I guess I have to just let them go". There is absolutely no parent I know that would stand by and let that happen. You might not equate something as simple as whining, talking back, or not wanting to share at this same level....But it kind of is. Things start out small where you can barely even notice them, like a spark, but soon enough you are going to have a whole forest fire on your hands burning right there in front of you. Why not nip the lil' things in the bud now? It will pay off in time. Have patience & be consistent. Your child will love & thank you for it in the end.

If you are worried its too late to change (stepping up to being the parent rather than "the friend") & beating yourself over the head for the past mistakes you have made, then STOP IT! None of us just become perfect parents over night, its a lifetime effort. Trial & error are a huge part of parenting. We just have to learn from our mistakes, fix it, & move on. We also have to remember that each kid is different & something that works well with 1 child, might not have the same affect on another. We just need to stay committed to learning, continuously analyzing ourselves, & adjusting when & where it is needed. The 1st sign that you are a great parent is the fact that you want to be the best parent you can be, because you can't change someone that isn't willing to change!

-M&M Momma

Austin's 1st time in her saucer....Tear.
 3 months old ALREADY!

Note 2 Austin Rose; "Please slow down, Kiddo!!!"

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


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-M&M Momma

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Day With My Triple A's!

While I agree you should show each other "the love" all year long, I still think Valentine's Day is a total blast (especially when you have kids)! Any holiday I can make an excuse for it, I love to get my girls cute new & festive outfits. This year was especially fun because I got to do it x3. Another tradition Justin & I have started with our girls is getting them a balloon on special days (i.e. birthdays, Valentine's, etc). They love it & look forward to it every time. Don't you just love when the simplest things like a balloon can make a kid so happy?

On actual Valentine's Day, Daddy had to work unfortunately so the  girls & I started off the day with them opening their special bags that we had made for them. They just had a few lil' surprises & a lil' chocolate (something rare for them). After gobbling down the chocolate like it was going out of style & messing with their other new goodies, we decided to take on making Daddy cupcakes. That was definitely an adventure, especially when Asher grabbed a huge handful of the cake powder & stuffed it into her face before I could stop her ( She was sneezing out pink cake powder for like a good hour after! lol). After that lil' adventure, we made V-day cards for family with markers, colored paper, & glue...More fun! Overall it was a super enjoyable day & I look forward to next year!!!

Valentine's Day Fashion & Balloons:

Striking a pose


1st V-day

Loving her big sister

She would not stop
"talking" to the balloons.
It was 2 cute!

Her new buddy

 Special Bags & Cupcake Creations:



She didn't realize
the balloon was
just tied to her, not


My sleepy girl

Powder everywhere!?!



More please...

Making a valentine

 Lovin' Life!

        -M&M Momma