Monday, October 31, 2011

Party Pictures at Last!

The older girls had a joined birthday party at Gymboree for their "friends party" this year. Since their birthdays are barely a week apart, they are so close already, & pretty share all the same friends it worked out wonderfully!
The theme was Disney Princess with a hint of Cars thrown in here & there for Asher. (She likes princess stuff also, but Cars is her current "my favorite" as she says). We were so blessed to have so many friends & family members turn out for this super celebration.
Well, please enjoy! And once again, thank you to everyone who came. It meant a lot to the girls & the rest of my family as well. The care & love you put into our kids does not go overlooked!

-M&M Momma

Austin's new pal, Tum-Tum


Minnie themed birthday last year, age 1

Aidann's 1st birthday picture. Her party was Baby Einstein themed.

All it took to wow a lil' Cars fan

Waiting for their lil' buddies to arrive!

Sisterly love

My Loves, plus one in the oven!

Another lil' Cars accent for Ash

Taking a cat nap

Awe Blake

Up & down

In the "castle"

Waiting to throw their "coins in the well"

Going for a ride!

Riding the "horse"

Not just a party for princesses

Some of their teachers

Your new "car"!!!


3 generations

We love Celeste

Thanks for all the wonderful gifts!

Huggin Ms Drea!

Such sweet girls!

Ashy sporting her new handmade bow! (Yay, Pam!)

Nawal sporting her balloon

Ashy & her Papa!!! (and her new fav sippy)


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