Friday, February 20, 2015

Just Painting the Driveway...

For months now at "The Red Store" aka "Target" aka "The Greatest Place on Earth" I have passed Crayola's sidewalk paint in the art aisle & debated over buying it. I always would end up putting it back & saying "I'll get it next time", but this week it went on sale for only $10 & I couldn't say "No!". Since I didn't have an art project already planned for today's school lessons & it was a Friday, I decided today would be the day to test it out.

By Crayola

Now before you attempt something like painting outdoors with 5 children by yourself, it is VERY important to plan ahead-What are they going to wear just in case "washable" is not really washable? How are you going to clean them off, especially if your bath tub is all the way upstairs, what rules do you need to establish before opening the paint to make sure all goes as smoothly as possible, maybe grab some back up paintbrushes because the Crayola set only comes with a paint roller & 1 brush, & things of that nature.

After finishing all of the prep work, it was time to bust out with the paint! The girls were extremely excited, especially to take turns with the roller brush. I was overall very pleased with the product, it also came with some fun neon chalk. They provided a lot of paint (for our family it only lasted this one session, but it was plenty), their paintbrush and roller brush worked great (I was glad I brought along more though), I liked how quickly the paint that did get on the kids dried so they didn't track it in the house as we went up to the bathtub. It is messy, but not in a bad way-its paint & expected! All my kiddos from the oldest down to even Zye (who did try to sneak a lick once or twice) absolutely loved it! I threw it all away in the end except the brushes, but that's only because in an hour my 5 kids used up all of the paint & I would rather just buy it again than tried to wash it all out. I definitely recommend it though! It would make a wonderful gift for any kid as well, no matter their age or gender.

It is a fun & creative activity that had the kiddos laughing, singing, & even dancing as they "worked"!!!

-M&M Momma

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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Aidy & Ashy's Frozen Celebration

And here is another one of the parties I did for our yearly "Birthday Palooza" for Aidy turning 6 and her sister Ashy turning 5 years old. They always have the option of separate parties, but "the twins" love celebrating their birthdays together & since they both wanted a Frozen theme this year it all worked out perfectly! Memories to last a lifetime for sure.

 Hope the details are helpful!

-M&M Momma

"Photo shoot" for their invite

My 2 peas in a pod

The final product!
Add some snowflake confetti inside of the envelope & you are golden!

Oh yes, we shall all get in the
spirit of Frozen!
Z dressed up like Kristoff and brought his
sidekick Sven

No, not Sven the stuffed animal...
His sister, Addie!

She acts like we were all up the night before
preparing for this royal celebration.
I would have loved to join her, the party has not even started yet!?!

Sven & Olaf's ice cream bar!
I decided to decorate this one with the lil kid
versions of all of the characters to keep it fun.

I added a sign to encourage adults to help their kiddos
use the ice cream bar to hopefully reduce mess & overusing product, lol.
The sign read....

"Sven & Olaf's Ice Cream Bar
We hope you have some fun designing your very own ice cream creation!
But please first grab a grown-up before using this station

-Sven & Olaf"

The cake table,
so fun!

An individual cake to celebrate each kid

For favors I made snow wands with fun ribbons & bells
attached to a snowflake.
Very time consuming, but SO worth it!
Each child also got a princess sash & their very own Elsa braid to wear.
By the time I made all of those, I NEVER wanted to see yarn again-lol.
I provided a Sven antler option for any of the boys attending.

"Snowman trail mix-up"

For food I got a lil' into it as always.
I wanted the kiddos to have a plethora of Frozen themed food to choose from
(and the parents!)

For the food tags I simply cut foam balls in half to look like
 snowballs & covered the counters in fake snow.
I made, printed, and laminated the food tags myself.

"Snow blizzard fruit salad"....beyond good

"We finish each others....Sandwiches!"

"Coronation salad"

"Kristoff's Ice Cubes"

"Wandering Oaken's Swedish meatballs"
The parents actually gobbled these up.
So good & nice to not always have pizza.

"Snow cap punch"
(Hawaiian punch, sprite, and ice cream mix)

I kept the waters simple by just getting Frozen duct tape
& adding it to the water bottles. I also found flavored water called Water Balls
 that was Frozen themed to add in there.
Those were the biggest hit!

Added snow and snowflakes to the glass windows
and doors

Simple centerpieces with white gumballs and snowflakes!

Cute larger snowflakes to hang from the patio that blew in the wind

Found a fun castle for kiddos to color or play in to represent Ardenelle.

Wandering Oaken had to have his trading post
and the kiddos loved playing in it.
You don't always have to get bounce houses, its fun to change it up & less expensive, lol.

Painted some fun life size Frozen characters to add to the atmosphere
& a fun photo option for guests.
I wanted to finish all the characters before the party, but the trolls & Kristoff came later
after I had gotten some sleep to finish for a wonderful friend's Christmas display.

This was that display

And the trolls

Door greeting I made from an
ornament and foam snowflake I found
"Let it Snow"!

Snowflakes led the way to the party!

Even though it was November,
the weather was perfect for some sno cones!

Frozen karaoke anyone?

Coloring station with personalized
Frozen pictures wishing the birthday girls a "Happy Birthday!"

Their other sister, Aussie, was Olaf.
Everyone was ready to party including the girls light up princess heels
that they were very excited about wearing lol.

The wands!

The hair!
I used an off white yarn that had sparkled flecks in it to give the appearance of snow & magic.
I also added a light blue ribbon bow and a snowflake to the bottoms of each braid
 to make them look even more "Elsa like"

I even snuck in a few Anna braids
(they took double the yarn and the work, so trust me,
stick with Elsa hair even though the Anna ones were super cute)


working that karaoke machine

Some of the kiddos enjoying their snacks


A surprise visit from Anna & Elsa?!?

The ladies were so excited!

A princess and her sash!

Sno cones were a hit!

Story time


(Addie with her future best bud)

"Pass the Olaf"

Kristoff is ready for a nap

Aussie being a goofball.
She is such a ray of sunshine constantly!

Freeze dance!

Special time with Elsa!

Making tiaras

Painting nails


Time to sing.
Found fun light up candles that
also gave the appearance of ice.
Details are so great!

Proud of her nails.

Singing to the birthday girls

Elsa gave them each an "ice crystal" to sweet

Time to say "goodbye!"

Tickles from dad

Pinata fun!

And its over...So fun and so worth it!

And this is what the cakes look like
after being cute into lol.
You know you were curious.

Ending it with a song.


Presents in the AM.


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