Monday, January 31, 2011

Body After Baby or Babies

The body that comes with having a baby or babies is absolutely a huge adjustment. It's something no one really could have prepared me for & it was definitely a huge shock! I wish that I could hop in a time machine & go back to Sarah in the teen/young adult years & just give her a huge slap across the face! Back then I was so obsessed with my weight & thought I was never skinny/fit enough. I want to ask that girl, "What on earth were you complaining about, appreciate yourself more!". 

The young women of today need to appreciate what they have while they have it instead of focusing in on what their body is not. Young ladies, let me put it into a lil' perspective for you, imagine a new t-shirt if you will (this will represent your young fine body). Now imagine someone stretching that shirt as far out as it could possibly go from like every angle (being pregnant). Now imagine a person letting go of that t-shirt (body after you have the baby). That shirt does not just snap back to its originally condition. That shirt looks really different & parts of that shirt definitely are not in the same places they used to be. I am not saying I would trade this new body for the world & I am not saying that getting back into shape is impossible to acquire, but I just wish young ladies would adjust their focus a little bit onto the things that really matter. Appreciate your God given body & also realize the way you look on the outside is not the only thing its all about. It should not be your primary focus.

Having the ability to carry babies is an absolute honor & despite how I feel sometimes it is beautiful because without these changes I have endured, I would not have my 3 lil' ladies to show for it. Learning to love the new body I am in, despite my perfectionism, is a process that I am still working my way through. The marks that come & the things that fall, its hard not to miss the old body at times. I have decided that instead of sitting around feeling bad about it, I am going to make this new body look as fabulous as possible! I want to workout & get fit, but also make sure I have an inner confidence & love for myself to go with it!

As mommies, its so hard to find that "me time". We so often find ourselves in mommy uniform (no make-up, a ponytail, sweats, a large t-shirt, pajamas, drool on one shoulder & snot on another) & the feeling of "beautiful" is so far from our thoughts. But sometimes we have to just make that time because if mommy is happy, then everyone is happy. I got a pedicure the other day (3rd one in my life) & it was absolutely heavenly! By the time I got back home, I was ready to take on the world again. It takes just lil' things to make you feel just that much better. If I get the opportunity to sneak in a lil' cardio or put on a lil' mascara it is amazing how different I feel.

I think the first step in feeling beautiful again (inside & out) after having a baby, is changing our communication. Often times we are our worst critic & greatest enemy. When someone says, "Wow, I can't believe you just had a baby. You look so good!" we are the first ones to comment back "Yeah, but I still have a lot of baby weight to lose". Why do we do that? Why are we so quick to put ourselves down. We especially have to watch the way we communicate to our husbands. I remember early in our marriage I kept saying to Justin so often when I got dressed, "Well, it makes me look fat". Then one day he turned to me & said, "I don't think you are fat, but if you continue to say it to me over & over again then I am going to start believing it too". That really hit home for me. Why was I putting myself down to my husband? Insecurity. Thinking back, it was not always looks that first attracted me to people but rather the inner confidence they exuded. We need to constantly keep ourselves in check and change our thinking.

Fitness is obviously another step in helping to restore confidence & the "feeling" of being beautiful again after having babies. I am definitely not saying there is a perfect size out there that all women need to reach, but it is important to be healthy & feel good about the way you look. I have found that the scale can be a very discouraging tool in this process, so I think that going by the way you look to yourself & feel is the best way to go. Cardio is a must! This sometimes requires a lot of creativity depending on how many children you have. You can wait until after they go to bed or wake up extra early, but my personal preference is finding things I can do with the kids (I don't want anything cutting into my sleep time, lol!). I love going for fast paced walks with my double stroller around the neighborhood or through the mall even. Gentle hiking is also a cardio past time that I enjoy & the girls love the fresh air & scenery. An online site I found to be very helpful for my actual workouts & dieting tips for after a baby is Better Body After Baby. It has diets that cater to breastfeeding moms & also has workout videos that target those especially tough areas after giving birth. Lose It is 1 of the easiest & most detailed fitness trackers I have ever seen & already knows a lot of calorie counts for most of the restraunt & fast food places (that you should not be going to).

The 3rd thing I think is extremely important to realize while trying to get back into shape after having a baby is realizing it is a process that is not going to happen overnight. It's a complete lifestyle change that is going to require a lot of commitment & changes in our priorities, but in the end it will all be worth it! Our bodies our beautiful & maybe we can't erase all those stretchmarks, but I am going to make being a mommy look as good as possible!

*Note to husbands/daddies: It helps a lot when you remind us that we are not just mommies, but women. Taking us out on dates & giving us a reason to dress to the tens is so refreshing. Romancing us from time to time (not just on holidays) with a thoughtful gift, kind words, or flowers all plays into making us feel appreciated. Giving us a break from diaper duty to enjoy a nice lunch with the ladies assists in maintaining our sanity. Not just saying "I love you", but also showing us helps keep the husband and wife relationship strong.

Well, I have said my piece for today.

M&M Momma

After having Austin Rose, November 10, 2010

Sunday, January 30, 2011

"I Can't Touch My Toes", "You Have to Lay Down", & "Don't Worry, I Got It"

"I Can't Touch My Toes"
So today the girls wanted to go outside & play. We have so many outdoor toys its like a little mini playground to them. Well, I got them all dressed & put on their shoes. For Aidann I had put on some super cute new jeans that had gold glittery pockets with this cute matching shirt. Well, we went outside & Aidann goes straight over to the big blue rubber ball to pick it up & throw it, but then she suddenly stopped mid-bend. She stood up & then tried to bend again, but couldn't. Then she turns to me & says, "I can't touch my toes!". She was so serious & concerned too, the face was priceless! Lol. I don't know if you have ever seen how sometimes toddlers have those cute chunky tummies like the Pillsbury guy. The jeans restricted her lil' tummy movement so much she couldn't bend, it was so cute & sad at the same time. I asked her if she wanted me to take off the jeans but she said "No". She then decided to go over to the slide. Let me just tell you right now it was the funniest thing to watch her try to climb up that ladder with the inability to bend in half. I asked her if she wanted help, but once again she said, "No, thank you". It took her a good 5 minutes but she finally made up to the top. Now if you didn't think that was "funny" enough, try watching a toddler who can't bend go down a slide! Precious & determined lil' thing she is. I think we'll stick with yogi pants and leggings for a lil' while longer.

"You Have to Lay Down"
After the slide incident & relieving Aidann of her constricting jeans, we decided to color with some chalk. Aidann came over laid down on her tummy & started to draw. Not too soon after, Asher came over & did the same exact thing. They looked like they were having so much fun & so I decided to go over & sit down to draw also. Suddenly, they both stopped what they were doing & looked at me like I was crazy. "You have to lay down", Aidann said. Apparently, I missed that memo- "In order to draw with chalk, you must lay down". Man, even my 1 year old got that memo. Now that I think about it, every time I have seen either 1 of them drawing with chalk, they always lay down on their tummies 1st. Ha ha!

Tummies only!

"Don't Worry, I Got It"
So the other day we are playing in a friends backyard & suddenly Aidann stops everything & points, "Weeds! Eww!". Then she grabs a big old handful right out of the ground & says, "Don't worry, I got it!" & walks them right over to their outside trash like she owns the place, throws them in, & dusts off her hands- Geez, I guess tact is the next thing we'll be teaching our 2 year old. Right? Lol.

-M&M Momma

Friday, January 28, 2011

Random Cuteness

Aidann is OBSESSED with pockets. She thinks it is the best thing ever when she can put her hands in our pockets while we are walking somewhere or even better in her own pockets if the outfit has any. Sooo cute!

She loves her pockets!

When shopping for groceries today, we ran out of space & had to put a frozen dinner up front with Asher, she starting touching it & then said "Night, night" & literally laid down using it as her pillow. It was sooo sweet!

Frozen pillow

Forgot my cart cover 1 day I went to the store. I turned my head for 1 second & this is how Aidy buckled herself in.

While at the store Aidann came across the claw arcade game & said, "Mommy, baby needs help out! Nevermind, baby sleeping". She was so serious about it too.

Austin is so lil' I do not get to update very much on her, but she is starting to smile more often & coo up a storm. My lil' baby is growing up so fast!

Austin, 2 1/2 months old

-M&M Momma

Thank God 4 My IKEA Potty Chair!

Is it just me or do lil' kids conspire against their parents to have the need to go potty at THE MOST "unique" times?! Just kidding, its probably just pure coincidence that right when you are about to finally get out the door your potty training toddler shouts, "Mommy, poo poo!".  My 2 year old has been potty training for awhile now & after a few too many emergency stops to the not so beautiful public restrooms we decided to get an IKEA potty to keep in the back of our vehicle. Potty training is definitely an adventure. Yesterday we needed to make a quick trip to Target so before we left the house I had her go to the restroom just to be safe. Once we got to Target, not more than 15 minutes later, she had to go again! So we lifted up the back of the trunk, sat her lil' bottom down, covered her up, & waited...& waited...& waited some more. Now Aidy is definitely what I call "A Ten Minute Pooper". She would probably love it if I would let her bust out with the sports section & just chill there for a good twenty minutes & be perfectly happy. Me on the other hand, let's go already! So there we are sitting in the parking lot waiting. I am trying to hurry her along but what does she do, starts hollering at the people passing by, "Hi!" & "I'm going potty!". Oh my goodness this kid is a character. Awkward....

-M&M Momma

View Image
Our IKEA Potty

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Make the Time

Ashy having special time with mommy

Today was a nice relaxing day at home (minus a dr's appointment for Asher & Austin). Being the mother of multiple children it is so important that we make sure we give each child special quality time as often as possible. This is not always easy I will be the 1st to admit, but with a some creativity & concious effort it can be done! For example, on Sunday as our family was leaving church Aidann asked her daddy if we could eat some pizza for lunch. Justin decided that as a treat this would be a great idea. To make it special for Aidann, the other girls & I waited in the vehicle while just the 2 of them went into the store. He let her pick what type of pizza she wanted, "help" him pay for it, & carry it out of the store in her own bag. She was smiling ear to ear! She felt like such a big girl & you could tell she really valued that experience with her dad. Today Asher woke up from her nap a lil' earlier than her sisters so I had to stop myself & make a concious effort to set aside other duties (laundry, dishes, or whatever) to give her that special time. We played with cars (her favorite)  & shared a small treat together. It meant the world to her to just have that lil' extra time with mommy. Sometimes making sure that every child gets that extra love they need means letting 1 kid stay up just a lil' later to hang out with you, taking a buddy along for a necessary errand you have to run, or letting them sit on your lap for a special storytime with just you & them. In the long run it pays off so much & makes life a lot happier for everyone! You are ultimately making a lot more work for yourself when your kids are attention starved or jealous of 1 another, vying for your attention. If you really pay attention you can tell when 1 child might need a little more one on one time than usual. Its so worth taking that time!

Well, that is it for me until next time...

M&M Momma
Asher waiting @ the dr's office

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Pet Shops & The Park

A lil' late, but I'm on mommy time today/tonight....

Let us just take a moment (mommies of multiple children) to thank the inventor of the double stroller....Ha Ha! Decided to have a ladies day out with my 3 lil' princesses today. People ask me constantly "How do you do it, going out by yourself with 3 babies under 2 1/2 years old?!". Well, I guess it just takes a lot of pre-planning, patience, and a double stroller. You can't let the idea intimidate you or you will never get out. You are a mommy and mommies can do super things if they would just take a deep breath & set their minds to it!

After loading everything & everyone up in the vehicle we 1st headed off to the pet store. This is an excellent spot for an outing because its educational & such a fun adventure through a child's eyes no matter how young or old. As soon as we entered the store, it was off to visit the birds. At 1st Aidann was a lil' intimidated, those things are very hyper & loud for being so tiny....They kind of remind me of Asher now that I think about it. Lol! We talked about the different colors of birds & looked at the lil' nests they had built to live in. The girls loved it & tried to imitate the different bird calls....Hilarious! We soon moved on & looked at the snakes, frogs, lizards, cats, & fish. After that the girls & I got to watch the groomers cut a dog's hair. Talk about hours of fun! I have to say Asher's favorite part was the doggie houses. I think she was just about ready to move in considering they were just here size... "Mommy, house! In! In!"

Asher in the doghouse...literally!

Checking out the animals....

Austin chilling, along for the ride!

Looking at more animals...

After our adventure at the pet store we hit up a few other places before heading to the park or "SLIDE! Slide!" as the lil' girls refer to it. Austin chilled in the stroller as Aidann, Asher, & I went up & down the slides more times then I can count, rolled down hills, & rode their riding toys just about everywhere. Mommy definitely got her cardio in today & the babies were fast asleep within 5 minutes of their precious heads hitting their pillows. All in all a fantastic day!

I would not trade these times for the world. You have to cherish every second you can with your babies because before you know it they will be all grown up. So every time I want to ask myself "Do I feel like packing up 3 babies & going here or there?", I stop & remember its not about me right now. Its about those lil' girls of mine & making sure they have the most rich & fufilling childhood as possible because they desereve it!

Until next time....

M&M Momma

Monday, January 24, 2011

Teal Nails, Spaghettios & Popsicles

If you can recall, my lil' 2 year olds' toe nails were painted a beautiful pink. Well, that didn't last very long. Apparently, I missed the memo informing me that it was time to change them again. I walked in the bedroom at night to check on her & her sisters. There Aidann lay, perfectly still in her bed with a very content yet suspicious look across her face. I probably would have never discovered what little escapade she had been up to if it had not been for the teal line of nail polish running down her left cheek. I quickly reached for the light switch & pulled her blanket back only to discover her toe nails, her thighs, & her baby sister's socks  had been blessed with her teal touch! I wanted to be so mad, but I also had to stop & remember she is just a kid...a baby even, how was she supposed to know true cause & effect? Its not like I had said, "Now, Aidann. Remember only mommy can paint your toes, ok?". She innocently thought it would be fun to paint her toe nails like mommy had done a few days before. She did however get in trouble for getting out of bed & I had to calmly explain to her how what she had done was not okay. The "funniest" part of this whole thing is that when she had finished "painting her toes", she screwed the lid right back onto the bottle & placed it neatly onto the shelf (label facing forward and everything). She was so proud of herself, geez. So, Justin put the bedroom back together while I threw her in the bath tub in an attempt to remove as much of the evidence as I could from her face & thighs & then back to bed she went. First thing this morning when she woke up she points to her toes so proudly & says, "Mom, look. Toes pretty!!!". :)

Spaghettios & popsicles are an odd combination, but that is kind of what makes it so fun! For a special treat this afternoon I let the girls eat their dinner outside. I don't usually like processed foods, but lets be real, having raviolis and spaghettios every now & then is part of childhood. Well, this afternoon we found ourselves at my mom's house ("Mema's") & she has the luxury of living right across from a park. The lil' girls love to go out in the yard & watch all the big kids play basketball & run around over there. Well, there they were eating their food & lil' Asher starts yelling & waving "Hi, Kids. Hi!". So cute, right? Well, then Aidann starts joining in & some of the kids start waving back. The girls are so loving this (forget the food) & then Aidann decides to innocently yell in her loudest voice as she points at her little sister, "Yeah, Asher went poo poo! Yeah, Ashy ewww!". Oh brother....

Well, that's it for tonight. Talk to you soon!

M&M Momma

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Bows & Bathtubs

"Hi. My name is Sarah & I am a bow-aholic!"

What do they say admitting you have a problem is the first step to recovery? Having 3 girls, I have grown to just love bows! I think its kind of fun always being on the hunt for the perfect bow to go with each outfit. There in lies the problem... As I said, I have 3 girls so that means a lot of bows & then I like to play the twin & triplet matchy matchy game sometimes with their clothes so that means 3 identical bows sometimes. Geez... I think it could be a lot worse but I am telling you when someone gives the lil' ladies bows for a gift, its almost like gold to me and I think I am almost more excited then them...Well, minus Aidann anyway-So FUNNY!

I have only had 3 years to work on this little collection of mine but this is some of what I have so far...

I mean to me bows are the proverbial "cherry" on top of the proverbial "cake". Here are a few pictures of my 3 lil' "cakes" just incase you still are not convinced!

BATHTUBS: Please tell me what the deal is with lil' kids fascination with drinking tub water!? And if you decide to add bubbles, forget about it! Licking them, slurping them, feeding them to each other. The upside...low in calories, bad side...Their dirty lil' booties are sitting in it!?! Every time its bath time we have to go through the same speech, "Now we can't be eating the bubbles or drinking the bath water, Girls. Its yucky!". They have no clue what I am talking about "yucky"? It looks like a little piece of heaven on earth through their precious lil' eyes, so for now they will just have to not eat or drink it because "I said so!". This brings me to an interesting idea for parents. Crayola makes those fun bath crayons that your little munchkins can use to "write" on the tub. Its so fun and an easy clean up. They also make these little tablets that dye the tub water. How fun to take a bath in green water one night and then in blue water the next! Invest in bath time fun, its great for learning and bonding even.

Well, that's it for me. I need to relax before taking on another fun week!

M&M Momma ;)

Saturday, January 22, 2011

And so it begins....

My first posting, so excited! Today is the day after my wedding anniversary & I woke up thinking "Why the heck not today?!". After running the countless errands that often come with Saturdays, our family had one last thing to get done. We dropped by our favorite buy in bulk store to get some diapers. Being a mom & a girl, of course I had fifty other things I wanted to look at before getting what we had originally stopped in for. Almost to the diaper area (finally) they had strategically placed a rack of beautiful little dresses right there infront of me. They were calling my name & I had to glance through them (Hey! I have three little girls, its almost a right of passage). I finally found one that I really liked & held it up to my barely 2 yr old. She grabs it from me & shrieks in her sweet little voice "Oh look, Daddy! It is sooooooo cute!". My husband & I both had to stop & look at each other & busted out laughing. OMG what have I created?! 

And this is not the first time I have witnessed my 2 year old acting really really girly recently. I painted her toe nails earlier this week, pink of course. I blew on them religiously while she gobbled down her organic pizza, hoping for them to dry before she was finished & back to playing. Later that night she crawled up on the couch next to me yelling "Hot! Hot! Hot!" and pointing at her toes. It took me a second before I realized what she meant. She had thought that earlier I was blowing on her toes because they were hot & now she wanted me to do it again because she thought it was so fun. Ha Ha! She is so funny.         

As I get more into this blog perhaps I should name the players involved. Of course there is myself, M&M Momma, & then there is my husband, Justin. Three other common characters are my three little girls or "Triple A" as I sometimes refer to them. Aidann is the oldest, 27 months & as I have already mentioned really girly. As soon as this blonde haired blue eyed cutie's little feet hit the floor she is off to the bow rack to select the bow of the day. "Bow, Mommy? Bow, please". My second angel is little Asher, 15 months old. She is a firecracker for sure and cute as can be with her little self & big brown eyes & curls. She loves to build things, play with cars, and is overall just a little ray of  giggling sunshine. Our newest addition, two months old, is our sweet Austin Rose. She is extremely tolerant of her sisters' kisses & hugs, sleeps through the night, & only seems to cry when she needs something. She looks like a perfect mix between her two sisters & we can't wait to see what else she brings to this wonderful family!

Well, I would blog more but it's getting late! I hope you all enjoy and start following my blog. Until tomorrow!!!

M&M Momma