Saturday, October 27, 2018

Super Mom Who!?!

To be 100 percent candid, I kinda "hate" when people refer to me as some sort of "super mom". The truth of the matter is, I am by far my worst critic and definitely would not describe my mothering using those words. When people give me such compliments I honestly want to turn to them and ask "Are you talking to me?'. Yes, I have a lot of kids, but does that really qualify me as "super"? I don't know. Do I sometimes find myself in situations with 7 kids that not everyone would attempt? I guess. But to me this is my normal.

I am just like most mommas trying their absolute best to raise great humans but to be honest often times I do find myself sitting there at the end of the day feeling like I have absolutely bombed it! I definitely know my husband wouldn't refer to me as a "super mom". He knows the loads of laundry will probably never be all caught up ever again, the house is rarely spotless, and I often look like a hot mess after the 2.5 seconds I have left to get ready after I have dressed and prepared all the things for my tribe. My kids know that when mom cooks its probably not going to always be "pinterest perfect" and sometimes I do have to resort to yet another sunflower butter and jelly sandwich because I just don't have the energy by the end of the day to do much more. Maybe throw a carrot or two in there for good measure, lol.

I am just like those other moms who find themselves lying in bed late at night, eyes wide awake, struggling with the fact they definitely have way more to-do boxes left unchecked than checked. I am that mom who over analyzes every conversation and interaction with my kids that day honestly wondering how I could have done this better or communicated differently. I know I am probably not the only mom who at times struggles with keeping their marriage priority at times because seven kiddos have innocently sucked the life out of you by the time the day is done and at times you simply feel like I have nothing left to give. I struggle with the fact that I know some days I could have done so much more and been so much better just like I'm sure a lot of other moms out there feel from time to time.

I look at my kids' faces so often and wonder what on earth God was thinking when he entrusted them to me!? But then I also stop and remember, "God entrusted them to me". There must have been a reason. Even if I definitely do not see whatever it is He saw in me most of the time. Even if many times I feel undeserving or not enough as a mother, I have to stop and realize if I could do it all on my own than I wouldn't need Him and what then???

So, when people call me "super mom" I just try to hook up with their statement of faith over me. When people ask me for parental advice, instead of running to the nearest corner to curl up and hide, I want to believe God will give me just the right words to speak because the truth of the matter is NONE of us have it all together. I just hope my children know that I honesty tried MY very best while doing the best I could to rely on His strength and I hope they grow to learn to do the same when they feel "unworthy" or like they are not enough.

We are all going to have bad days, even horrible days as parents, that's just life. We are not perfect and from time to time we will "lose it", even "super moms"-lol. But its what we choose to do in those moments and after those moments that I believe is the biggest statement of all. It's easy to run away and give up. Not going to lie and say I have never thought "someone else could do this waaay better than me", but you know what...God choose me specifically for a reason just like He chose you. We have to rest in that.

Even on my worst day, He still chose me for them and for that I will forever be grateful.

-M&M Momma

These pictures are from the beginning of our trip to South Dakota (Mt. Rushmore). Honestly, even with it being 18 hrs from home it turned out to be the best trip ever!

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