Saturday, April 19, 2014

Understanding How Moola Works

Now that the kiddos are getting a little older, they are starting to understand more & more about how money works & how it doesn't quite grow on trees (Darn, I know). I have been searching high & low for awhile now for how I want to go about giving my kiddos a visual way to understand how to handle their money in a responsible manner.

The main idea I have seen is people dividing their money into 3 main categories- "giving", "saving", & "spending". One cute concept I liked was by "Three Little Monkeys Studio" where she took 3 jars & added labels to them (FREE labels here) with easy definitions below to help remind her kiddos what each jar meant if they forgot. Dave Ramsey also offers a similar idea with his "give", "save", "spend" piggy banks if you are looking for something more "official" looking. If you feel like 3 categories is not quite enough, there is the "Money Savvy Generation Piggy Bank" that is 1 piggy bank divided into 4 compartments instead of 3-"save", "spend", "donate", & "invest".

I think all of these ideas are on the right track & adding additional mini-lessons to provide even more understanding behind each category would be a great idea. Maybe you could even find a local bank that could sit down with your lil' ones for a minute or 2 to explain the importance of saving or a church/charity/shelter that could talk to them about the importance of giving/investing could also help drive these concepts home.

So stock up on those quarters & let the money adventure with your "Minis" begin!

-M&M Momma

Three Little Monkeys Studio

Junior Smart Saver Bank
by D. Ramsey

Money Savvy Generation

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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Hoppy 2nd Birthday, Adley: A Peter Rabbit Party

My lil' "Addie-Bear" is a total animal enthusiast so I definitely knew that whatever theme I selected this year had to include some type of animal. We already did the farm theme last year with a petting zoo & the whole 9, so this year I knew I wanted to go a whole new direction & get really creative. Why not "Peter Rabbit"? It happened to be an extra big bonus that our favorite puppet theater was doing the very same theme for their spring show-PERFECT & different! 

After months of planning, the day finally came! I definitely felt a little carrot/rabbit-ed out, but I knew it would all be worth it to see the smile on that 2 year old's face. I thought she would have fun & enjoy the show, but she took it to a whole new level! 

The kids who arrived early started off by doing a "make your own puppet" activity & getting their own set of rabbit ears to get into the spirit before walking over to see the show. Adley was ecstatic as she got to go up with her big sisters & some of their other friends to help get everyone excited with some songs & adorable motions, she even boldly stood upfront all by herself as everyone sang "Happy Birthday" to her, but the best part came during the show when she would let out totally overly-animated laughs at the most random points in the play. She absolutely LOVED the entire thing, perfect for her age group. After the show, she got to get up close & personal & meet Peter Rabbit, then we all headed back to the room to enjoy some food, cake, presents, & fellowship. It was a wonderful party & well worth it!

-M&M Momma

The invitations

The tickets I made for the show

Found cute rabbits to put in these
fun lil' carrot bags I found.

Fun cups for the adults

Terracotta cupcake stackers
for the cupcakes to go on

Had to put together a fence,
main part of the story

Cute garland

Coloring book favors and...

Of course chocolate bunnies!

Kept it simple with hand stamped
brown paper bags & "Easter straw"

Yummy bunny tails 

Garden soil

The cake

Before adding the "Fresh Fruit", "Garden Veggies",
& "Mr. McGregor's Lunch" (Pizza)

Decorating puppets.

Patiently waiting for the show to begin!

Some of the kiddos just singing away!

Meeting the puppets after the show

Addie & Peter Rabbit!

So many cute lil bunnies!

The birthday girl!

Not a fan of the fake grass

He wanted the drink.
Not yet, Buddy.

Enjoying her pizza!

Getting sung to by a lot
of people made her act a lil'
shy, but I think she
really liked it, lol.

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Great time!

Great people!

Pooped out,
but SO fun!

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