Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Sunday Funday Pictures!

This weekend was one of our more busy ones, but I wouldn't have it any other way! We got to enjoy "Ballet Under the Stars" this weekend, which the ladies always enjoy. I love that they are able to experience such culture & watch what they love to do (dance) at an even higher scale. Aidy aspires to 1 day reach point shoes, shoe she was especially excited to be there & see the prima ballerina dance.
Saturday began with just getting to relax & play with the kiddos-my favorite! The ladies played with everything from Barbies to Tinker Toys. It was a  much welcomed display of imagination & fun-I don't think of it as a "mess". That night, My husband & I also got to celebrate our 10 year high school reunion. The weather sure did try to rain us out, but a lot of good people braved the weather & came out anyway. Always nice to see "old" faces!
Sunday, we got to enjoy church & then a wonderful homemade dinner that my husband's mom made to celebrate our birthdays. The food was great, but the dessert was off the charts (nilla wafer pudding and homemade cheesecake!)
It was a lovely weekend, but now back to homeschool & the craziness of the A2Zteam party season, lol. Zye's party is only in 3 weeks-yikes! So much to do still.
-M&M Momma
Enjoying "Ballet Under the Stars"

Looking at her dream, point shoes!

Make your own ballerina craft

The say its a cat face,
but she's a lil' fox to me


Staying busy on this Saturday morning!

Tinker Toys are the best!

"Play with Brother, Mama"

All dolled-up for Super J & I's 10 year reunion.
No, I don't feel old at all, lol.


Painting fun at Grandma's!


Who needs sleep?
Someone took an extra long nap.

Wipie lover!