Friday, February 20, 2015

Just Painting the Driveway...

For months now at "The Red Store" aka "Target" aka "The Greatest Place on Earth" I have passed Crayola's sidewalk paint in the art aisle & debated over buying it. I always would end up putting it back & saying "I'll get it next time", but this week it went on sale for only $10 & I couldn't say "No!". Since I didn't have an art project already planned for today's school lessons & it was a Friday, I decided today would be the day to test it out.

By Crayola

Now before you attempt something like painting outdoors with 5 children by yourself, it is VERY important to plan ahead-What are they going to wear just in case "washable" is not really washable? How are you going to clean them off, especially if your bath tub is all the way upstairs, what rules do you need to establish before opening the paint to make sure all goes as smoothly as possible, maybe grab some back up paintbrushes because the Crayola set only comes with a paint roller & 1 brush, & things of that nature.

After finishing all of the prep work, it was time to bust out with the paint! The girls were extremely excited, especially to take turns with the roller brush. I was overall very pleased with the product, it also came with some fun neon chalk. They provided a lot of paint (for our family it only lasted this one session, but it was plenty), their paintbrush and roller brush worked great (I was glad I brought along more though), I liked how quickly the paint that did get on the kids dried so they didn't track it in the house as we went up to the bathtub. It is messy, but not in a bad way-its paint & expected! All my kiddos from the oldest down to even Zye (who did try to sneak a lick once or twice) absolutely loved it! I threw it all away in the end except the brushes, but that's only because in an hour my 5 kids used up all of the paint & I would rather just buy it again than tried to wash it all out. I definitely recommend it though! It would make a wonderful gift for any kid as well, no matter their age or gender.

It is a fun & creative activity that had the kiddos laughing, singing, & even dancing as they "worked"!!!

-M&M Momma

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