Monday, September 7, 2015

Yabba-Dabba-Do & The Grand Canyon Too

I very much dislike when I have not been able to sit down to write a blog post, but we have really been just living up over here with our lil' family & I've been trying to soak up every single second possible. One of the mini adventure we went on recently was to the Grand Canyon to celebrate National Parks Day. I love any time with my family, but nothing beats watching the very first time my kids get to experience something & this adventure also would include my husband's first time seeing the canyon so I was pretty excited. 

So we got up super early, packed a lunch, & then we were off for our family adventure! Before hitting up the actual canyon, we stopped by this lil' Flintstone park they have up there in Williams. It is not so much in its prime anymore, but that is the awesome thing about our kids...They thought it was just the best thing in the whole entire world. I think that is an important thing to note here. If we as parents model appreciative & positive words & actions in not always the most ideal situations, then our kiddos will also tend to be people who look on the bright side of things. For example, if you are in a place that is super crowded with people, you can focus on that fact that at least you get to be there. Its not always easy to find something positive, but it is possible if you really look for it. Well, back to the Flinstone Park, the girls & Z really enjoyed exploring all of Bedrock. They had a stone-age version of a grocery store, jail, all the characters' houses, & etc. It was a child's paradise & the lady cut us a deal on getting in so absolutely no complaints here.

As we headed back to the van, it started to rain (awesome timing for us). So, we loaded up & got to enjoy the nice lunch we had packed up as we headed to the canyon. When we were almost there, a whole pack of elk decided they wanted to camp out in the middle of the  road. Hearing the girls joyous shrieks as they walked right up to their windows was simply priceless. After spending like 10 minutes with our new found friends (and consuming some gummy worms) we finally reached the south rim. It was absolutely beautiful & nice cool weather now that the rain had stopped just for us. The girls were absolutely fascinated & my palms were sweating profusely. They are very obedient kids & there is a small railing, but as much as I was enjoying this time I was still a lil' on edge lol. My husband thought it was hilarious. After spending an hour or so around the canyon, we decided to head back to the car & of course that was right when it started to rain again. I was thankful we got to enjoy everything before it started raining again & it made for an interesting walk back to the car.

All & all it was just wonderful & I am so glad we got to do it together as a family!

-M&M Momma

Finishing up their waffles before hitting the road

The buddies, Z loves holding Addie's hand when they travel

Pit stop

YES, officially in Bedrock

Checking out the merchandise.

Yeah...I think we would need the
larger model

Making new friends

Prehistoric goat I guess

The only time they will ever be in prison

Ashy pretending to have a booboo

Aidy teaching the class


You would think it was me trying to get
them to pose everywhere, NO all them

Baby #7 jk jk No really JK

Seriously mesmerized by EVERYTHING

That's my girl,
Love her so much!

What a great daddy

Trying not to land in the mud puddle at the end

Grand Canyon here we come!

Mommy's palms sweating for sure

Still sweating

Playing peek-a-boo

Jumping in puddles

And then the pouring

Flower from daddy

Potty break with my lil' bear

And they are back.

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