Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Pumpkin Patch & Farm Fun

A whole month huh? I can honestly say I have missed writing, but I can also honestly say I have had absolutely no time between the kiddos birthdays, field trips, homeschooling, church, the kiddos extra curricular activities, & just everything. I think I am just now starting to feel a little closer to "normal", more grounded. I guess it is a whole new normal actually. For a second there, I think I was definitely treading water just a little bit, & just trying to keep it all afloat. But yes, finding my footing. Its not a harder, just MUCH busier id that makes sense. Well, nothing deep tonight, Just thought I would post some pictures of one of our recent adventures to the pumpkin patch.

-M&M Momma

It was a tad sunny, lol

Trying to hit the bell!

Bouncing craziness!

I will miss these little feet

Milking a cow, lol

Knocking down crows

My hubby and I getting
competitive again...
I won.

The slide was definitely the main highlight of the whole farm.
They would have stayed forever if they could.
I even had a blast on it!

Taking on THE WEB

Ducky fun!

This pig wouldn't move for anything

Train ride, so fun and relaxing.
Daddy stayed back with Lil' Z

My lil' HAM

Catching moments like this...

Enjoying some lunch 

Like I said, we are very competitive

Memories to last a lifetime!

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