Saturday, March 5, 2016

The Sweet Spot-TARGET!

Those of you who have been following this blog for any amount of time are probably already familiar with my family & I's deep love for Super Target, lol. In fact, as I "speak" my ladies are playing make believe Target in their bedroom!

Ever since our kiddos were lil' we have just enjoyed going-the hubby grabbing a coffee from Starbucks, buying the kiddos a few bananas & "Star water", & just strolling around the store to look. Once every 2 weeks or so we even go there for dinner! Some may not understand our deep "Red Store" love, but its a family tradition that we all hold dear.

So YES, tonight I shall write a post about Target-The dollar spot to be exact! If you are not going to Target at least once a week to check out the dollar spot, then let me just assure you that you're missing out on some pretty awesome stuff. I mainly venture to the dollar-spot to create new busy bags for my kids to enjoy. My most recent treasures have been magnet travel games & fun writing game notepads (like tic-tac-toe and hangman). They are the perfect size for travel & encourage your kiddos to play together. I have also found those new coloring books adults are going crazy over. They are super detailed & great for older kiddos. They are usually $6-$10, but not in the dollar spot! They had regular sized coloring books & even mini on-the-go coloring books. Another recent find to add to our busy bags (aka on the go bags) were different building supplies. The had mini bags of a type of lego, "gears", & these circular things you can stack up as high as you wish. Very hard to describe but I will post pictures. All I do is buy a couple of bags of those & put them all together in a larger ziplock or Tupperware & the kiddos are amused for hours. One of my last recent finds were these adorable & colorful action heroes & animals. Some of my kids like to play stories with them & some of my other kids enjoying lining them up & separating them by colors & so forth. Another great thing to add to your busy bags!

What are busy bags exactly? My family is on the go a lot with all of their extra curricular activities, dentist appointments, doctors appointments & so forth. I like to always have a bag packed ahead of time that we can quickly grab to take with us full of already portioned out snack bags, hand wipes, an extra diaper or panties, a busy bag activity or two, flashcards, a few books, crayons, & coloring books. I don't let the kids see what I have packed for them until we arrive at our destination so it is always a fun surprise. A few of the busy bags I have are legos or other building things, barbies, puzzles, Shopkins, magna-doodles, Polly Pockets, small & easy games, rubber band bracelets, matchbox cars, lacing cards, etc. I don't pack a ton of them where the mess will be huge, but just enough that they can share. The dollar store & other places also have good finds sometimes.

I'm all about keeping them busy with things that are fun, inspire creativity, & encourage cooperative play-a sweet price tag doesn't hurt either. Thank you, Target!

-M&M Momma

Playing with the superhero figurines

Busy bag in action
the kids separated their chain links by colors
to see which was the longest!

Rosie picked "The Red Spot" for a mommy-daughter date 

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