Friday, December 28, 2012

Eventually It WILL Pay...

Just when you think you have found your groove & you are finally getting this so called "parenting" thing down to a science, life throws you a cute lil' curve ball & you realize that you still have a lot to learn. The "cute lil' curve ball" that I am referring to is my Austin! I love that sweet princess with all my heart, she is an absolute ray of sunshine, but along with her happy-go-lucky lil' self also comes a very strong-willed lady that will give you a run for your money if you let her. She has definitely challenged my level of consistency a few times now. I am not comparing my kids, but overcoming some various hurdles has taken a lil' longer with her. On a level I admire her strength, but she also needs to know that mommy will not back down & I WILL win. :)

Just now, I have really been seeing some breakthrough with her in some of the lingering areas that have been more challenging. Its like she finally received a revelation that I am not telling her "No" on things because I am the "bad guy", but that I really have her best interest at heart & she has decided to concede to that.

The reason I choose to share this with all of you is because I know that I am not alone. I know I am not the only who has been tempted to just give in or questioned, "What am I doing wrong!?". If I can even help 1 fellow mommy, I am happy.

Aussie had recently been battling with patience & understanding that she can not always have what she wants when she wants it. Nap time had also recently become more challenging where my once "awesome napper" decided to now try screaming to voice her discontentment about having to go to sleep on command-which is NOT acceptable in our house. She had also tried shrieking a few times to let me know when her sisters were doing something she did not line, which is also something not acceptable in our household!

Each day I had to make a conscious effort to stick by my guns & stay consistent with her no matter what. Some days were definitely tougher than others. Some days I felt a lil' discouraged & wondered if I would ever see any breakthrough. There were days I would have to correct her over & over again for the same exact thing, but for her sake & my own I had to stay strong. You see, if we allow ourselves to concede to the easy way out & just give in, we are not only hurting ourselves, but also our children in the long term. No 1 wants to have a bratty disrespectful kid, but if we let our kids have free reign & be the boss, then that is just what we are going to have! Helping Aussie through this "terrific 2" stage has definitely been a lil' more challenging, but today I can proudly say that the victory has been SO sweet & well worth it! She has finally had an epiphany & we have made breakthrough!!! I love that kid & she brings a whole new flavor to my life that I would never want to live without!

Every child is going to challenge us in different ways, but we can all come out stronger if we do not lose heart!!! Each child also has something special to add to our lives & it is not by accident that they were given to us :)

-M&M Momma

Ribs + Rosie = Pure Joy!!!

Zoo Lights!


Our crew!

Trying to catch the snow


Cotton candy face!

Kettle corn face!


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