Friday, July 19, 2013

Not Just About Reading...

The laptop is officially out of commission for a few, so I have had to resort to trying to type a post on my tiny I-phone screen (we will see how this goes).

Summer time, over in my neck of the woods anyway, can be almost unbearably hot at times. Indoor activities are definitely my #1 choice this time of the year, especially while being very much pregnant. Well, I have to say that an excellent place to look for these activities and usually they are free I might add is the library. And I am not talking about just the one in your city either. Why not check out the calendars of the libraries in cities around you as well? 

Libraries today have so much to offer and  it goes so far beyond just checking out books. All year round you can find ones that offer story times, special guests, Lego clubs, art clubs and the list goes on. 

During the summer, libraries take free entertainment to a whole new level. So many special guests, movie days, stuffed animal library sleepovers, reading programs, themed story times, bear picnics, puppet shows, and beyond! The nice thing is the library is like a hidden treasure that so few people take advantage of and so these events are usually not too packed and low key.

Just the other day I was checking out the calendar of one of the libraries downtown and came across a puppet show that was free being put on by the AZ Puppet Theater. Now, I don't know if you have ever been to see one of their shows with your kiddos, but they are pretty awesome (and a lil' pricey). Why not? I said to myself! Well, we went to see the show and the girls all the way down to the baby enjoyed it. It was very interactive and entertaining. It was the the fable of "The Tortoise and the Hare" with a cute Arizona twist on it. The girls walked away from it really getting a lot of the lesson and were ready to go back and watch it again!!!

I definitely recommend always checking out the library when you are looking for something fun for your lil' kiddos to do. Libraries are so great for nurturing that love for reading in your children, but also so much more!

-M&M Momma

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