Monday, July 22, 2013

Sunday Funday Pictures (Our Weekend)!

Looking at the toys at our favorite breakfast spot!
Celebrated their Aunt's birthday with breakfast.

Patiently awaiting their food!

She is a character I tell  you

They were done talking
once their food arrived!

A yogurt/play date with their friends!

Daddy decked them out in Mav gear right before
we went out as a family---Awesome.
ASU gear or Cardinals sounds better to me, but...

Sitting like a big girl

She loves all things stuffed!

All ready for church

My babies are growing up!

Silly ladies!

Rainy day.
So rare here.
Fortunately, we were prepared with
 Cars and Hello Kitty rain gear.

Play-doh time.
A favorite activity for sure, I am thankful we
have all tile now lol.

Sweet girl making me
Play-doh cupcakes.


Devouring some spaghetti

Trying to figure out this whole
"fork" thing.

New nose.

For dinner, a pizza picnic!

"Kid, you just might have a lil' broccoli in your teeth"

Hope you all had a great & safe weekend!!!

-M&M Momma

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