Friday, August 23, 2013

"Barbie is MOVING"-The Barbie Experience

This morning was definitely a busy one. I got the ladies up extra extra early so that we could eat breakfast & finish their schooling before Austin's Gymboree class. Quite the feet, but we surprising fit it all in & arrived at her class 5 minutes early even.

The theme of the day was "cats & dogs" & after enjoying all the imaginative play & songs involved in that (definitely not as easy this far pregnant, lol), we had to drop Super J off at work. Now after doing that, I definitely planned on heading home & having all of us enjoy a nice lunch & nap, but somehow I stumbled upon a gem! I had read a couple of weeks ago that Barbie was visiting California. I was a lil' bummed out that it was not here because I knew my ladies would absolutely love it. Well, low & behold I found out that today & today only the Barbie experience was here in our town!!!! I flipped my lil' soccer mom van around so fast & immediately headed for the adventure!

Upon our arrival, the girls each received the cutest lil' reusable Barbie bags that were filled with all sorts of free & fun goodies. We then headed into the Barbie area & the first thing the ladies spotted was Barbie's house. Of course this attraction had the longest line, but that also means this activity was probably going to be the most fun so jumped right in line. 

Inside of Barbie's Dream House, the girls got to get all dressed up with fancy skirts & boas & model down an adorable runway with a fake interactive audience & paparazzi. They even snapped some professional pictures that they email to the parents which of course I love!!!

After the fashion show, we headed straight for the face painting station. While waiting in line, Adley was so confused by the fake poodles they had that were really bushes. It was so cute how she would try to hug & kiss it & then get totally freaked out by the whole thing before trying the whole process over again in less than a minute. This made waiting in line go pretty quick. Asher & Austin got Barbie silhouettes on their cheeks with glitter & Aidann got a butterfly with what else? GLITTER!

After the face painting, the girls headed over to create their very own barbie clothes that their own dolls at home would actually be able to wear. I can't really explain the whole process, but it was super cute & the girls definitely enjoyed it!

Our last stop on this wonderful "Barbie is Moving" experience was the building station. Mega Blocks makes toys very similar to Legos that are Barbie themed. The girls, especially Asher, loved being able to create their own Barbie houses. After they were finished, they even got their own Barbie Mega Blocks to take home!!!

Today was definitely a wonderful & unplanned adventure that the ladies & myself will not soon forget! What a wonderful girls day!!! I love getting to see life through the eyes of children, they are so easily "wow-ed" by the simplest things (especially when television & electronics are very minimal). Looking forward to what adventures lie ahead!

-M&M Momma

So excited to get started
 on their Barbie adventure!

"Will brave the heat for Barbie"

Ready to enter Barbie' house
to put on a fashion show

Ringing the doorbell,
"Anyone home?"

Getting dressed for the show!

Posing with her twin.
No one tell her mommy accidentally
cut-off Barbie's head, lol

I love how you can see my pregnant
self snapping the shot in the
mirror, lol.

Strutting their stuff
on the runway!!!

Posing for a pic.

Trying to help Barbie move her boxes
into her new "dream house"

Adley, the dog-obsessed one,
completely baffled at the
thought of a fake bush poodle.

Waiting in line for face painting

Closing her eyes for the "fairy glitter"


Designing their very own
Barbie dresses.


Mansion made out of all Barbie "Legos"

Building their own housses


Building fun!
Asher especially was one cloud 9 for sure.

Their new Barbie "Legos"
aka: Mega Blocks

Thirsty from all
the outdoor excitement!

Until next time BARBIE!

Sporting their new face paint

Enjoying all their new treasures!

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