Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The A2Z Team Takes Disneyland!

Two months away from this thing has been seriously tough, but I had to come to turns with the fact it was just a little too much to juggle with everything else going on in my life just for a moment. Well, I'M BACK! Fresh off a much needed vacation to California with my family. It was seriously the best time seeing their lil' selves experience Disneyland for the very first time & Zye & Adley's first time at the beach.

Aside from a few billions of clothes to left to wash, the family is just now starting to get back into the swing of things (Although they handled the up every morning at 6am, bed every night around 12am quite nicely-many props to them) & I finally get to post a few shots!

Well, until my next post that I am super excited to have the opportunity to once again write, see ya then!

-M&M Momma

The sleepy kiddos up early
& ready to head to Cali!

Yeah, it was a long drive lol

They went crazy over the palms and....


Feeding the dinos

They got pressed pennies

My men!

Finally arrived,
she was ecstatic! 

Beach ready.

But food 1st

She thinks she is so funny...lol

Enjoying the sun

He took the freezing water
like a true champ

My lil' builder

After I splashed him with
freezing cold water

On the boardwalk

Looks like daddy

Just saying "Hi" to
the pelican

Can't tell by the pic
but they were amused by the
man who could
"hold himself up with just a stick"

That's what I'm talking about

Just reading before bed

Little do they know,
today they will be going to
1st time!


The bench where we made the big announcement!

On the bus to Disney!

1st stop for sure!

Getting their hats made

The girls favorite!!!

1st ride, the cups of course!

It's a small world after all...

Not sure how to feel about the boxes
and firework sound effects lol

Got in trouble with Daddy and sent to jail

Meeting Goofy!

Raiding Minnie's fridge

Entertaining himself as mommy pumps, lol

And she's out!

Chillin' with Peter

Waiting for the parade

Amused to the fullest

Watching Belle

Their Anna, Cinderella, and Elsa

Ready for
Cali Adventures!

Adley insisted on helping push lol

Watching Doc, Sophia, and Jake!

A Bugs Life!

What Asher has always been waiting for!

They met Mater 1st and then....

McQueen arrived!

The line just would not move fast enough for Ashy

One of the absolute highlights of
the trip was the look
on her lil' face!

Joining in some Toy Story fun!

Zye and his twin in the background lol

Ferris wheel time,
rocking of course

Having the time of her life!

Started getting too crazy!
Literally threw Z to the hubby, lol

Talking on the phone...so she says

Lovin the Pixar parade

Not so sure about the ride

He was "beary" big!!!

Aussie waving to her favorite buddies
(despite never actually seeing
the movie, lol)

Ready for the "World of Color"
water show

Back to Disney!

Today we were determined to meet Anna & Elsa!
3hr wait, so we busted out the bubble guns!

So patient

Next in line to meet Anna & Elsa!

Ready for a ride with Daddy!


Soooo excited for Elsa hair!

Last ladies standing, everyone fell asleep.



She had to pick the largest Minnie.
SO excited!

Snow White & her well

Firework time!

Back home again in their
new princess attire.

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