Saturday, April 19, 2014

Understanding How Moola Works

Now that the kiddos are getting a little older, they are starting to understand more & more about how money works & how it doesn't quite grow on trees (Darn, I know). I have been searching high & low for awhile now for how I want to go about giving my kiddos a visual way to understand how to handle their money in a responsible manner.

The main idea I have seen is people dividing their money into 3 main categories- "giving", "saving", & "spending". One cute concept I liked was by "Three Little Monkeys Studio" where she took 3 jars & added labels to them (FREE labels here) with easy definitions below to help remind her kiddos what each jar meant if they forgot. Dave Ramsey also offers a similar idea with his "give", "save", "spend" piggy banks if you are looking for something more "official" looking. If you feel like 3 categories is not quite enough, there is the "Money Savvy Generation Piggy Bank" that is 1 piggy bank divided into 4 compartments instead of 3-"save", "spend", "donate", & "invest".

I think all of these ideas are on the right track & adding additional mini-lessons to provide even more understanding behind each category would be a great idea. Maybe you could even find a local bank that could sit down with your lil' ones for a minute or 2 to explain the importance of saving or a church/charity/shelter that could talk to them about the importance of giving/investing could also help drive these concepts home.

So stock up on those quarters & let the money adventure with your "Minis" begin!

-M&M Momma

Three Little Monkeys Studio

Junior Smart Saver Bank
by D. Ramsey

Money Savvy Generation

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