Friday, November 4, 2011

Happy 2nd Birthday to My Asher!!!

Yes, I have not posted Ashy's birthday fun yet, I am glad you all look forward to reading this stuff. I have been trying for sure. Between pregnancy, raising 3, the holidays, birthdays, & a wedding (Aidy is the flower girl) I have truly been experiencing a whole new meaning of the word "BUSY". Lol, but I have been wanting to get it up before Aussie's, so here it is...
Started off Ashy's birthday morning with breakfast in bed-Candles, singing, the whole works. Freshly made honey buns were on the menu-the breakfast of champions! Lol, yeah right but Asher loved it. We also brought her up 1 gift to start out the celebration & open, but Asher could not get over the sticky goodness of her breakfast & tried unwrapping, holding her breakfast, & chewing all at 1 time! Eventually, she got her new Lightning McQueen slippers opened up & instantly the 3 were a match made in slipper heaven!
After everyone finished eating, I think Asher ate hers & snuck a bite here & there from everyone else's, we headed downstairs to open a few more gifts before starting the real fun! Asher is very into doing what she sees us do, so I knew she would be totally thrilled over getting a toy blender. It baffled the girls how the blender made real blender noises & actually sloshed the pretend fruit & ice around before daddy & I would pour the pretend juice into their cups to consume. After playing with everything fro a few hours, it was time to head out.
We made our traditional stop at Toys R' Us where Asher got her name announced, crown, balloon, & the whole shebang. We let her pick out 2 new toys with her birthday money & she was absolutely thrilled by this temporary empowerment.
The funny thing about Asher's birthday is that everywhere she went for some reason someone would give her a balloon. I swear to you, by the end of the day she had received like 5! She was so excited by this & they were a great addition to the other like 20 already on the roof at home. Lol.
For lunch we took Asher to Red Robin's. They sat her right next to the fake Red Robin & that was just the conversation of the full lunch. After some chocolate milk, grilled cheese, carrots, a birthday song, & of course another balloon we were once again off!
Like Aidann, Asher's birthday celebration got to be spread out over multiple days. One of the days she went out, she got to sport an especially made for her girlie Lightning McQueen birthday outfit (complete with yet another balloon). Even here light up heels had an especially made McQueen touch by her Mema! When we had some family over to celebrate with us, Asher got to enjoy a yummy cake & open some more wonderful gifts. Asher got this cute lil' vanity from my parents (perfect to go with their salon chair). On another day, Grandma fulfilled a random request by the new 2 year old to have her very own Cookie Monster cake & she was thrilled to no end as it arrived & was quickly consumed by all.It was a great time watching Asher's face light up so many times that it was all about her. She is such a special lil' girl to me. She cares so much about others that you have to stop her sometimes & remind her that she is 1 pretty remarkable kid herself that brings some great stuff to this family & this world! She has basically been running since birth, gosh walking & pretty much talking by only 9 months old, and as much as I wish she would take a moment to slow down I don't see that determined mama stopping anytime soon.I love you Asher Victoria!
-M&M Momma
Thank you all again!
Taking a birthday cruise
Ashy sporting her Cars birthday outfit

Don't forget to take breaths in between lol

A card Aidy made for her sissy

Deciding on what to order

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