Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Celebrating Austin

If you are a parent of multiple children, then you know how each child is so special & unique & brings something different to your life. Halloween this year definitely had me feeling extremely grateful to have my lil' ray of energetic joy & sunshine, Aussie Rose, alive & well & here with me about to become 2 years old. On Halloween last year, during church to be exact, I went into full blown pre-term labor with Austin. It was way too early for her to make her lil' appearance & I remember the doctors telling me they feared they would not be able to stop labor since I had already been on basically everything to stop it. I remember spending that Halloween night in the hospital, my husband curled up in a very uncomfortable recliner beside me thinking, "I know she is not coming yet, she can't & won't". And thanks to our families prayers & some other very important people in our lives my lil' Austin Rose stayed in until 36 weeks! My lil' fighter!
Well, this Halloween was extra special having her here with me, where I could hold her & squeeze her baby girl self. She also decided to make this day even more special by choosing this day to start walking. I went up to the princess playroom to bring the girls down for some lunch & Austin just let go of the shelf she had been holding on to & walked all the way over to me, all 15 steps in a row!
Halloween is not a holiday I celebrate in the traditional way, to me its fall & time to spend more time connecting with those you love. Enjoying picking pumpkins, attending fall festivals, & etc. But this past year it has become even more significant to me & a very special lil' girl we all are so blessed to have in our lives!!!
GOD is good!
-M&M Momma

Basically her last time truly crawling

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