Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Imaginations, So Beautiful

All three girls were in the front living room playing when suddenly it grew extremely quiet, usually not a good sign from kids lol. I slowly snuck up on them to see what on earth they were up to. The 2 older ones were camped out in their lil' chairs staring up at the ceiling. Every once in awhile 1 of them would point & then let out an "oooooo" or an "awwwwwee". Finally, I had to interupted the scene. "What are you guys up to?", I had to ask. Lil' Asher of all people replies, "We are just enjoying some fireworks with our friends". "Won't you join us?" Aidann piped in.
Imaginations are such a beautiful thing. Whether its us kick starting the process with an empty box or cardboard paper towel roll or them simpily taking the initiative to take a broom & "paint" the playroom pink or kick back to watch some pretend fireworks, its such a wonderful & healthy thing.
-M&M Momma
The S.S. Huggies pirate ship,lol
Ashy adding finishing touches to her ship
Someone must have spotted treasure

Arrr...The buried treasure (aka Gummies!)

Watching the "fireworks"
They crack me up.

We tied leashes to their toy dogs
so they could pretend to walk them.

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