Friday, June 15, 2012

Adley Update...

8 weeks! Adley is simply thriving. I am officially in love all over again! She is cooing a lot & smiling up a storm. The girls love her a ton & every day practically Aidann tells me, "Mom, I want us to keep her" lol. Just recently lil' Addy Bear has started batting at toys as well, super cute. She takes baths with all 3 of her sisters now & just loves to be a part of the group. She finally fits into her lil' NB shoes & is in 3m which is a happy thing, but a sad thing as well. Kids grow so fast so we have to cherish EVERY single moment!!! I am loving the now, but also excited to see what is next!

-M&M Momma

This face, lol, CUTE

Playing dress-up with sisters


Finally fits her lil NB shoes!
Kickin' it.


  1. What are the logistics of you bathing all 4girls at the same time. Do you have a special baby tub or something because I can't seem to figure it out with two I was just going to wait until the baby was sitting up.

  2. Before I put the baby in with the girls I remind them about what the rules are (no water over the baby's head and etc) and then I put the baby in the bath buckled into a mesh seat she lays in. Google: "Summer Infant Mother's Touch Baby Bather" for a picture. In our garden tub it fits with all the girls also. I set out towels and pjs in advance to when it is time to take everyone out of the tub. When the baby is bigger I usually switch to my "Safety 1st Tubside Bath Seat". I like bathing the girls all together not just because it is easier, but they enjoy it. Hope that helps :)