Friday, September 6, 2013

Nursery Happenings

Today was the 32 week check up for my big lil' guy Z. He remains in head down position, is growing right on point (4lbs, the size of a large jicama), and I have shown no signs of pre-term labor!

Some people might take this stuff for granted, but considering all 4 of my past crazy pregnancies, I DO NOT. Thank you, God. 

Well, "Project Nursery" has been in full swing for almost a week. My nesting would have had all this done months ago, but sometimes life just does not work out like that & you just got to go with the flow.

When I started to think about ideas for Z's nursery I swore up down left & right I would NOT be doing an animal theme. I love those critters, but I was a little over them after using the same abc/animal theme for all 4 ladies. I loved that their room was very gender neutral, bright, & educational-not just PINK or PURPLE like most girl nurseries are. Nothing personal against them, just not my thing. I was just ready for something new for this new baby even though the ladies' theme has grown along nicely with them. 

Anyway, back on track. When starting to try and lockdown a theme for this nursery I had to figure a few things out. We decided way back when we were having baby #2 to have the ladies share a bedroom even if they did not "have to". Even since moving to a bigger house & having more kids we have just kept putting them all in the same room and it has worked out great. They love it & when asked if they want their own rooms they say "no way!". Their bonds together are so strong & we have not had any problems. 

Well, once we found out baby #5 was coming we knew that was perhaps too many kiddos in 1 space. Now, what do we do? Do we split up the kids who are already so use to sleeping with each other? I definitely did not want the new baby all alone. Now who would we put with who? After months of deliberation, I decided to put Adley & Zye in the same room. 

Now, finding a theme. Since I did the girls in a gender neutral room, I definitely wanted to do the same with this room. I went from robots, circus, to stars/moon, & just every idea possible. And where did I end up after swearing off animals for what I thought was for good? Animals!?! I actually decided to go with a woodland theme. 

Justin & I for fun always assign our kids an animal when they are born. It actually worked out that the 3 older girls' animals are in their bedroom theme (giraffe, duck, zebra) & now with Adley being our lil' bear & Zye our raccoon those happen to be in their bedroom theme too. Okay, these lil' details/coincidences might just amuse me-lol. That's okay.

Well, we are low on time now & I am definitely trying to put together every last minute detail. Between homeschooling, the kids' different classes, the kids' sports, church, keeping the married life in tact, & all the other wonderful things that keep life fun & full I am just doing what I can when I can. 

Tonight I just finished up most of their small mural in the nursery. If you have seen my house, then you know how much I love painting a mural where ever I can for the kiddos-all made with love! 

Well, here is a sneak peek. I hope to have the full nursery done in 2 weeks max.....yikes. Lol. Night all!

-M&M Momma

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