Thursday, October 17, 2013

Happy 5th Birthday, Aidann!

Our precious lil' doll.

Aidann Justine

October 12, 2008

The ladies (Aidy, Ashy, Aussie) are having 1 big birthday bash together with all of their closest friends in November, but we always make it a priority their actual birthdays are all about them. Filled with family traditions & fun, this past weekend, in addition to the girls having their 1st t-ball games, we also got to celebrate Aidann turning 5 years old.....

Friday was "Aidann Day"
Where just she got to go out
& have some personal

Breakfast on the go!

Waiting while mommy had
a quick Dr. appointment

Ready to shop!

Modeling her fashion picks,
head to toe

Closing her eyes & throwing
her change into the fountain!

Enjoyign the playground

Waiting for her pizza.
Cali Pizza was her pick for
lunch, 1st time.

Enjoying watching them make her
pizza up close & personal!

The cherry on top,

All gone!?

Birthday breakfast in bed.
Her personal request:
chocolate cereal
a pink drink (lol)

Toys R Us time!!!!

On cloud 9 checking
out the Thomas the Train table-lol

Candy store time!

Carefully selecting her 5 candies
for being 5 years old &
1 gumball.
(They aren't allowed to
have gum yet,
so it was a special treat)


Sharing with her sisters

Still trying to figure out
how Addie got that gummy
passed me, lol

Showing off her gum, ha ha

Her "big purchase",
an Ariel castle!
SO proud of herself

"Driving" with daddy

Usually "Star-water", today she got to pick
apple juice from her favorite spot,
the "Banana Store"

The Barbie Dream House she had been
believing for since our Barbie visit a
few months back

Playing with sisters
while waiting for everyone to arrive

Family & close friends over for cake.

Chocolate of course-Thanks Celeste!

They've all known her since birth-

That piece was a lil' on
the EXTRA huge side of things, lol

Holding Zye's future best friend

Down to the last crumb!

"Birthday spankens"

Movie night!
Old school Disney
"Robin Hood"

And she is OUT!

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