Thursday, October 10, 2013

Ready 4 a Library Card!

An awesome privilege you can have your kiddos earn after they learn to write their name independently is to get their very own library card! It takes a lot of determination & self discipline to sit there & learn how to write their name correctly & neatly as a lil' 1. Since library cards can be issued at almost any age, it is a great bonus that they can get after accomplishing this monumental task.

Having a library card is an awesome new responsibility & privilege. Your kid can enjoy picking out their own educational book, cd, and/or dvd & then we can teach them how to check it out, train them that they need to keep track of it at home, & then also encourage the responsibility to return it on time & in the same condition they checked it out in when they are ready for something new. 

All 3 of the older ladies have earned the right to a card now, we definitely limit their books to 1 a piece & then they pick out 1 music or story cd as a group. We assigned a special spot by the front door that they always put their book book in after each time they read it. My husband & I keep track of their actual library cards for now, but being responsible for everything else is all on them. They look forward to this responsibility & look forward to library time every week. Its awesome that they view something so educational as enjoyable at the same time!

-M&M Momma

Ready for their library class


Adley sharpening her sitting skills
as well

Helping Daddy study

Her 1st card!!!

Big girl!

Checking their books out
for the 1st time
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