Thursday, October 17, 2013

Pumpkin Investigation

The ladies had a super fun experience today with pumpkins & friends-the best way to get into fall. Each child brought their own lil' pumpkin (the kind you make pies with) & the investigation fun began. To begin, every child received their own investigation booklet. On the first page they were asked to draw a picture of their pumpkin pre-cutting, then a picture of the inside of their pumpkin, a picture of the seeds, & what their pumpkin's face would look like.

Once the mommies cut open the pumpkins, the kiddos loved  scooping out the seeds and playing with the orange sticky insides (Asher & Adley were definitely the most into it. I think Adley's motivation was more trying to eat it, lol).

On the next page of their booklets, the kids had pictures of 5 lil' pumpkins. The children cleaned off their seeds and then glued 1 seed in a pumpkin, then 2, then 3, then 4, & then 5. They really enjoyed cleaning the seeds & getting to use the glue of course.

For the final page, the kids got to create a picture on the page using their pumpkin's guts-Super fun!

The next activity they engaged in was a fun science experiment where they had to guess if their pumpkin was going to float or sink if thrown into water. Once all hypothesizes had been made, they actually got to put their pumpkins into water & test out their theories. Adley got a lil' too close & definitely got soaked-She loved it.

After a story, the kids got to enjoy some lunch, cookies, & play time! Overall, a wonderful time as always. Shout out to Amber for putting it all together for this get-together. The girls are still talking about how fun it was!!!

-M&M Momma

Girls playing before class

Dancing with a leaf
for a fall themed lesson
at the library

Shaking their leaves
in a parachute

Creating a tree out of their hand/arm
& some tissue paper leaves

Had to google an after picture.
Forgot to take one-oops

Ready for Wednesday church

Pumpkin investigation time!

Adley's even into
the investigation

Guessing if their pumpkins
will float or sink

Asher got splashed-lol

All wet

Story time 

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