Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Sunday Funday Pictures!

Applesauce with a straw?
Why not!

Aidy's 1st game of the season,
Asher's 1st game ever!

Reading on the sidelines


Guess who scored their 1st goal?!

Powering up

celebrating with yogurt

Sunny much?

Time to celebrate family appreciation day
with dance!
(Again, bright day)

Cotton candy, yum.

And popcorn.

Face painting fun.

Trying to snack and not blow
away at the same time

About to race her friend
in an obstacle course

Such a helper

Dance buddies

Crazy fun

Someone found a ring pop

Trying to eat in the wind

Game fun

Ready for bed and to get out
of the sun.

Sharing is caring

Nail painting

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