Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Sunday Funday Pictures: Fashionably Late?

Saying that I have been really busy these past 2 weeks would seriously be an understatement. The hubby has been working a lot & preparing for some major testing at work, soccer games are in full swing, the girls are preparing for their cheer performence & upcoming dance recital, I have been up to my ears in rabbits & carrots (Adley's 2nd birthday), homeschooling, & then just the other daily to-do of raising 5 children. But here I am, Thursday, and I have just managed to find 5 minutes to put up my pictures from Sunday. Lol. Definitely looking forward to life slowing down just a tad bit, but still enjoying it every day!

-M&M Momma

Play date,
making pizza

Working hard

Oh, just a random dance party

Look what we found
at the store!
They really wanted to
cook our neighbor cookies.

Banana split fun!

Cooking in mommy's clothes,
why not?

Trying to get a picture after church...
He'd rather be napping, lol

And we are done...

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