Sunday, July 13, 2014

Sunday Funday-More Ice Cream!

This weekend we had an awesome time walking through some houses that are being renovated by a friend. I love the girls getting to watch the progress of what these houses once looked like to what they can become with a little imagination & some hard work. After this lil' adventure, we got to have a whole new 1 with FOOD! Every single pregnancy my main cravings always revolve around Chinese food & Mexican food, so when my friend told me about a restaurant that fused the 2, I knew this was something I absolutely had to try-too bad I'm not pregnant so the baby could absorb those calories lol. Walking into this place I had pretty high expectations, it was a humble looking place but there was a huge picture of Chef Guy Fieri on the wall with a note of his written approval on it, so that tells you something right there! I let my friend, the chinese/mex food ordering pro, take the wheel when it came to ordering & BOY she did good!

Sunday, we got to enjoy church & then went on yet another food adventure. My friend told us about this adorable ice cream parlor on the other side of town & I just knew we had to try it out. The atmosphere of this spot was so quaint & relaxing. The girls enjoyed some scrumptious grilled cheese, pickles, & fruit before buckling up for some ice cream. Talk about a mind-overload with ice cream options ranging from $1 to $115 dollars.....Yes, I wrote that correctly!!!! I adore ice cream a lot, but DANG!

 All in all, it was a fabulous weekend with the family!

-M&M Momma

Aussie enjoying "Bring
a Friend to Gymnastics Day"

Ready for a day about SPACE!

Enjoying some science

Discovering how they control
space rovers from Earth

Poppin' a wheelie

Moon rocks

How things impact when
they hit Earth from space

Using space gloves



Cotton candy flavored!

Almost 9 months!

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