Saturday, June 18, 2011

Body After Baby-Again!?!?

We will call this one PG13, probably not for the youngest of my readers.

Every time these holidays roll around, I feel like I need to read "Body After Baby" again & I freaking wrote it!?! Its an every day thing reminding yourself that you are still "sexy" after having kids, but we just have to alter our definition a lil' bit. Having babies is a sacrifice & your body is going to be different in some ways after you have a child, but all is not lost. You just have something new to work with & work on. "Confidence" is the 1st key, as I said before if you are constantly around your husband complaining about how fat you feel or marks you may have gotten from a past pregnancy although it may not initially affect him, after time he too is going to start focusing on those things-the negatives we see in ourselves. You are basically sabotaging yourself! You want him to think you look good, but there you go doing the exact opposite.

Throw out the scale, start eating right & working out where you can, until you reach that "ideal" look you are so desperate to achieve make what you got look as great as possible! The sweats & drool on your shoulder are definitely not going to help you feel sexy, but dress up when you can.  You deserve to get a pedi & mani every now & then & get your roots touched up! Spoil yourself every once in awhile with a new dress or new shoes, the confidence that comes with it can be amazing!

You made 1 of the biggest sacrifices in the world (carrying a child), some of us have done it more than once, & your husband knows that-He better lol. Battle scars & all, you are 1 sexy mama & you need to just own it. Getting back into shape takes time. I am not saying just settle with not being pleased with your body, but just don't keep throwing how discouraged you feel constantly at your husband. This is where mommy friends are great, not the type that are going to sit around & eat hagendaz & mope with you, but the kind that are in the same boat to getting back to where they want to be-Healthy. The kind that will help motivate you, work out with you, make sure you are eating right, & so forth (Shout out to Kristy, lol).

So dare I say it? Its Father's Day, so keep it spicy! Mix it up! Be adventurous! Stop focusing on what you are not & start seeing yourself for what you are & what you have accomplished! Childbearing is not for the weak of heart. Just do you & be happy with it! :)

-M&M Momma

This is what I get to
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