Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Oh yes, its that time again. Time for me to vent on the world wide web for all to read. If you feel like reading or not is definitely your prerogative, but I know I will feel a lil' better getting it out there-Lol.

Before I "unload on you all" if you will, I would first like to mention a fun lil' activity I did with my toddlers the other day. I bought 2 bags of balls= 30 (The more the merrier in my opinion & its probably best you get a size that can't easily be choked on for your own piece of mind). I gave my girls each a water bottle container to put them in (you can also use pitchers or large cups). 1st I had them each look at their container & I explained how they were EMPTY, nothing was inside of them. Then I threw the balls sporadically throughout the playroom, kind of like an Easter egg hunt, & then set the girls free to track down as many as they could & load up their containers. Once they were filled, I had them look at the containers again & explained how now their water containers were FULL. They had a blast collecting the balls & then dumping them out over & over again. With Aidann we also practiced putting the balls in a line, making them a circle, separating them by colors, & so forth. It was a really fun activity that they begged to do again today!

Okay (dun-dun-dun-dun plays in the background), it about that time. You hear it a lot more these days, those who do not have kids proclaiming that after having kids your life is basically over. I am talking about the extremest who hardcore believe this statement & almost turn up their noses at those who have chosen to have kids rather than going out there & "really accomplishing big things". I remember when I was 22 years old & happily told someone I knew that I was going to have a baby & they actually kind of said in so many words "that's too bad, you had so much potential". I almost wanted to laugh in disbelief. I just heard it again on E! news when they were interviewing some actor. I understand that choosing to have kids might put some of your dreams on pause for a second or cause you to have to be a lil' more creative in the route you select in achieving various dreams, but all is not totally lost.  Gosh, I remember when I attended  the 1st meeting before entering the teaching program at the university. The speaker was extremely cynical, but at the end of her speech she gave us a list of major life events to just avoid all together until we had accomplished all we wanted to accomplish-I did every single "DON'T DO"  am very proud to say that I not only graduated on time, but did so Summa Cum Laude. Got married, had a baby, got in a major car accident (not my fault), went on a vacation, moved into a new house, & continued working while I was in school. It all can be done! You just have to decide how bad you want things. Having kids might even inspire you to have even bigger & better dreams for yourself! Things that you might not have ever thought of or realized you had a passion for. I understand some people's reasoning, but for those hardcore haters I will tell you right now that for me with each lil miracle that enters my life, I am happier & happier-more & more driven to not only improve & enrich my own life, but theirs as well.

-M&M Momma

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