Monday, June 20, 2011

Vitamins, Bugs, & Sofa Cushions

The other morning I made the girls breakfast & gave them some orange juice in their sippy cups, "Make sure you drink all of your orange juice because it has lots of yummy vitamins that will help you grow big & strong". A minute or 2 later I noticed Aidann dramatically shaking her cup & looking at the sippy cups inspecting its' contents very closely. Finally she said, "Mommy are you sure you put the vitamins in here, because I can't see them anywhere?!?!". Lol, crazy 2 year olds.
If there is anything I can't stand, it is bugs! Well, the other day a fly got into the house-I blame it on how slowly yet "gracefully" my lil' ones stumble into the house from outside. So easily distracted-lol. Anyway, Asher was finishing up her drink when suddenly the fly landed on her face. She quickly made an effort to swat at it while still holding her cup, accidentally thrusting the remaining cold water from the cup right into her own lil' face. She was soooo shocked by it. As she popped her lil' lip out, I could tell the water works were about to start. I quickly shifted her attention to something else. So sad.
The other day Aidann was just playing in the living room when suddenly she hopped up & started desperately searching under the pillows from the sofa & then the cushions, threw herself on her tummy to look under the couches, &  then began searching in other random places with the most sad & worried look on her lil' face. "What are you looking for?", I had to ask. She replied, "Austin, I can't find her?!?!". Lol.
-M&M Momma
P.S. Such a fun play date today, thank you mommies & kiddos!

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