Thursday, June 30, 2011

Bye Bye Baby Hair

1st off let me just proclaim how absolutely excited I am that today my 2 year old received her 1st hair cut. I held on to every golden wave as long as I possibly could, but the time finally came to kiss those little baby ends goodbye! Maybe my extreme attachment comes from how hard we "worked" to get any hair on the lil' bald head in the 1st place. I kid you not, 1 year old birthday party if you even hoped to get a glimpse you had to bust out with a magnify glass. BUT she rocked that hairless noggin' & made it look pretty darn cute!!!

Anyway, after 2 weeks of preparation for the big day (No, not for me, Silly. For her, lol) it finally came. Aidann was a lil' unsure of the whole thing at 1st, but kept her cool. The lady lured her in by 1st letting her select any dvd she wanted from the "mighty cabinet of dvds". She careful glance over each & every box until she found THE ONE, Cars of course. Since their only video watching revolves around Sesame Street (with the one previous exception of watching Cars once) I was extremely tempted to help sway her decision in another direction but thought what they heck. Her day, 15 minutes at most. Then the hair cutting lady continued her efforts to try to win over Aidann by letting her select any booth she wanted.  She shocked me when she passed up the princess hair cutting station for the car themed one instead lol. We are talking Aidann here, all of these unconventional choices would not have shocked me in the least if we had been talking about Asher.

Well, a couple thousand pictures later we found ourselves with Aidann's new lil' hair-do (basically the same just shorter, lol) & a smile on her face as she received "princess glitter spray" in her hair & a sucker. I ever got  this official looking  "My 1st Hair Cut" paper with 1 of her beautiful golden locks inside. Overall, a great experience for all involved. Asher loved watching the whole thing & I am sure she can't wait until it is her turn. But mommy DEFINITELY can.

-M&M Momma

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