Monday, October 31, 2011

Party Pictures at Last!

The older girls had a joined birthday party at Gymboree for their "friends party" this year. Since their birthdays are barely a week apart, they are so close already, & pretty share all the same friends it worked out wonderfully!
The theme was Disney Princess with a hint of Cars thrown in here & there for Asher. (She likes princess stuff also, but Cars is her current "my favorite" as she says). We were so blessed to have so many friends & family members turn out for this super celebration.
Well, please enjoy! And once again, thank you to everyone who came. It meant a lot to the girls & the rest of my family as well. The care & love you put into our kids does not go overlooked!

-M&M Momma

Austin's new pal, Tum-Tum


Minnie themed birthday last year, age 1

Aidann's 1st birthday picture. Her party was Baby Einstein themed.

All it took to wow a lil' Cars fan

Waiting for their lil' buddies to arrive!

Sisterly love

My Loves, plus one in the oven!

Another lil' Cars accent for Ash

Taking a cat nap

Awe Blake

Up & down

In the "castle"

Waiting to throw their "coins in the well"

Going for a ride!

Riding the "horse"

Not just a party for princesses

Some of their teachers

Your new "car"!!!


3 generations

We love Celeste

Thanks for all the wonderful gifts!

Huggin Ms Drea!

Such sweet girls!

Ashy sporting her new handmade bow! (Yay, Pam!)

Nawal sporting her balloon

Ashy & her Papa!!! (and her new fav sippy)


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  1. The pictures are adorable, because your girls are too precious. I'm glad you all really had a great time. But I have to say, hey no birthday post for Asher. Aidy got a whole post about her third birthday, Asher gets lumped together with the together party. I'm sure this is not what happened, what can I say I just like to read and with so much going on your readers would still like more. Looking forward to hearing about Aussie's first birthday.

  2. Thank you so much for reading. Yes, we did do a big o' deal for ashy's individual birthday as well, but I have not posted it yet. A lil' behind. The friend party occured the week before Asher's actual birthday so I posted that 1str. No worries, Ashy's post is coming up asaic (as soon as I can) Thank you again & keep a look out :) -M&M Momma