Friday, July 27, 2012

Chicks & Boxes

1 of the things I absolutely adore about my kiddos, is they are so easily amused by the most simple things. I was out in the garage looking for something, when I stumbled upon these random Easter chick eggs that I must have purchased decades ago, but never really used. Well, I decided it would be fun to approach my kids in total creative mode & pretend they were real baby chickens. I burst into the house with the surprise behind my back & started yelling for them, "You have to see what I found!?!". They ran over super excited to see what it could possibly be. I then ducked down on there level & showed them the adorable chickies. I held them super close to me like they were real & asked the ladies if they wanted to pet them. After the girls oodled over them for awhile, I asked them if they each wanted to have 1 for a pet if they promised to do their very best to care for these fragile things. They each took it so seriously as they lifted their new "pets" from my hands & nestled them closely.

Now, when I "pretend" something...I have the tendency to go all out with it, why not? We then had to get them water & food dishes to eat out of & then of course they needed a place to live!?! I went back out into the garage & grabbed 3 of our larger boxes leftover from when we moved & made houses for each of the ladies out of them complete with a small chicken door for each of their pets. The ladies loved it & ended up forming a neighborhood, "shopping" around town for food & other supplies for their new pets, & the whole 9. I am telling you, that whole day the chicks went absolutely everywhere with us-Even ballet practice!!! The girls also loved their new houses so much that they asked if they could go to sleep in them at bed time. So, that night we lugged all of the boxes (and chickens) up the stairs for a fun filled sleepover!!! Another wonderful day for the books!

When kids are young, they are so easily amused with the small stuff. It does not take much to please them. I think as parents we should do our very best to cultivate this rather then snuff it out. Constantly watching television, being on the computer, playing video games, or on the phone is not always the best thing for their lil' minds all of the time. I am not saying to completely eliminate these things, but rather moderate. You only have 1 childhood after all & we do not want these sweet lil' things growing up too fast :)

Its so fun to help expand their minds & help them think outside of the box...Lol, okay I'm done.

-M&M Momma

Welcome to the neighborhood!

What a cute chick!

Checking her emails I guess, lol

They said the blankets were to
protect the houses from the rain

Everyone needs a chocolate chip cookie break Ha Ha!


Time out to enjoy this sweet baby girl!

I will miss this

Building with the chicks!

Chick sleepover!
Aussie tapped out early.

...creative? Lol

Time to go to that big box top in the sky :(

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