Saturday, July 28, 2012

Thought of the Day....

Every day we are shaping our children's childhood memories-What are yours going to remember most? 

Were you around? Were you constantly screaming? Was the house always perfectly clean, but you never really played with them? Were there adventures shared to many cool & crazy places? Did they get to get messy? Did they get read a lot of books? Did they get to enjoy the great outdoors a lot? Will they remember you constantly being in front of television, on the computer, on the phone or were they? Will they remember you sitting down & not just talking to them, but listening to what they had to say as well? Did they learn it was not always about them & were they encouraged to help out their own family memebers, but others as well? Was your family a unit or people constantly going off & doing their own things? Did they get special one on one attention with their parents from time to time & know how valuable they were? They they get to participate in dance, sports, art classes, ocooking lessons, singing, acting, or whatever their passions were?

Childhood is precious. Lets make it a really good 1 for our kids & lets drink up & embrace every single moment of it that we can for ourselves. It passes by WAY too quickly!

-M&M Momma

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