Friday, July 13, 2012

Puppets Aren't Just On Sesame Street...

Yesterday we took the girlies to go see "Goldilocks" at the Great AZ Puppet Theater. About a week before the actual event we reviewed the story a few times, did an art project, & also went through the study guide that the puppet theater provides online for each show they do.

Upon arrival, the girls were super excited to see all of the different types of puppets there were on display (after we explained they were not real, lol). They had everything from elaborate marionettes they had used in past shows down to adorable lil' finger puppets & shadow puppets. After spending a good 5-10 minutes looking around at every thing, we finally went to find some seats. Its a nice set-up because you can either sit in the standard chairs or your lil' ones can go sit on a carpeted area directly in front of the stage for a closer look if desired.

Before the show started this wonderful character of a woman came out & went over the rules & did a a few interactive songs with the children to help them get their wiggles out-super cute. My girls loved dancing around & singing to the whole lil' pre-show.

Once the woman finished up with every thing, the show began! The show was very cute & the ladies enjoyed every second of it. After the show she even came back to show the kids how the puppets work & how she made them talk. She even had the children practice changing their voices for each character, "Well, what would your Papa Bear sound like?".

Once all of this was said & done, they offered a tour of every of the facility if desired (only an extra $2 per kid), but we decided to hold off on that until our next visit. We did however let each girl pick out her very own finger puppet ($6-10). They were so cute & the girls had a blast talking to each other with them the rest of the day. I definitely recommend bringing some extra cash for those.

I DO recommend taking your kids if you have not already, even lil' Austin Rose enjoyed it!!! "Old McDonald" is the next production they have coming up.

Adults are $9.00 & kids 2 yrs & above are $6 & an extra $2 a piece if you want the tour as well.

Memories for a lifetime!!!

-M&M Momma

Got there early, watching their 1/2 hr for the day

"Asher-sized" lol

Shadow puppets

Waiting for the show to start


Finger puppets!

Tired out!

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