Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Doin' It Like Angelina Ballerina

Today was a big accomplishment for Aidann, she started ballet class! We had taken her out a few days before to pick her very 1st pair of ballet shoes, leotard, & tights. She was so excited! Everything was pink of course.

This morning she hardly touched her breakfast because she just wanted to get to class already, she even insisted on drawing her new teacher a picture for a present :). Once we got there she was just ready to get in the classroom & get started, we made sure we had toured the place a week before & showed her who her teacher would be in advance just to prepare her for everything.

When it was time to go to class she quickly made friends with 1 of the lil' girls & was immediately smitten by her very child oriented teacher. She was not even phased by the fact that daddy & mommy were not in the room with her, though we did get some waves from time to time. She was obsessed with the ballet bar & mesmerized by the entire wall covered with a mirror.

After class ended, she gladly sported her special sticker & we celebrated by sharing a nice meal at Red Robins. She got a special Aidann sized shake too! The other ladies did an excellent job understanding it was Aidy's turn to shine just like Aidann has to understand when it is their time to shine too & just being happy for each other.

They grow up fast, so treasure every lil' thing you can!

-M&M Momma

Waiting to get going to class

Putting her slippers on!

Picture for teacher

Compliments of Asher

Special milkshake!
Dressed like her favorite Angelina Ballerina last yr!

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